Sauerkraut (German Choucroute)

Sauerkraut, or German Choucroute, is a typical German/French dish that was imported from China and adapted to suit the local palate. Made from sliced fermented cabbage, Sauerkraut has a distinctive sour flavour and is usually served with sausages of all kinds (from Frankfurters to big ones), and steam/mashed potatoes.

Preparation of Sauerkraut differs in France and Germany. In France, it is considered as a alsacien dish and you eat it more often in winter.

When I was in Berlin, I discovered an alsacien restaurant which served Sauerkraut. So I went in to try it and it was... how do I describe it... It was exceptionally divine! I loved the flavour, it was better than the ones I have tasted before. 

Sauerkraut also known as German Choucroute

The restaurant is situated on the avenue after the Brandenburger Tor, a few blocks ahead, on the right hand side. Unfortunately I did not note the name of the restaurant. But if you visit Berlin I highly recommend you to find the restaurant and taste the German Sauerkraut with good beer.  :)
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