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Here is a list of websites that I use to get inspiration. Hope it is useful to you as it has been for me. All websites stated on this page are sites that I have used. If you have any other highlights or must-have tips of your own that you'll like to share, please leave a comment or use the contact form.

If you want to know more about the attractions and hotels in Seoul and Jeju, do check out my South Korea Page.

Reviews / Ideas / Research / Resources

  • TripAdvisor - The reviews and forums are pretty useful.
  • Korea Tourism Board - The suggestions and information is astounding; extremely useful. You should check out their Facebook as well.
  • Visit Seoul - A much simpler site with introductions on Seoul and South Korea. Navigation is a breeze as it is separated into different categories like attractions, planning your trip, dining, accommodation (you can even reserve accommodations though the site).
  • Expedia Travelblog – A global travel resource powered by a community of local experts providing unrivaled local knowledge and deals 
  • Kojects - tries to help keep more people informed of the various  construction and urban development projects around Seoul and the rest of South Korea, focusing on public transport and public infrastructure.
  • From Incheon Airport to Seoul / Myeongdong - The modes of transferring from Incheon Airport to Seoul, more specifically to Myeongdong
  • Interactive Subway Map 


The average ticket to Seoul cost about S$900++ and above for direct flights. I am not much of a stop-over person, the faster you can get to your destination, the faster you can start your day. Of course, there is a price to pay for that convenience, but sometimes (if not most of the time) it is worth it.

  • Asiana - Air fares tend to be slight cheaper than Korean Air starting at about S$900. However, the website is only optimized for Internet Explorer so that's not so great for users of other browsers.
  • Korean Air - Good to check out and there might be offers as well.
  • Singapore Airlines - If you have confirmed your flight dates and are pretty sure there will be no changes to those dates, buying the tickets a couple of months before can save you a lot especially if they have special on going promotions. Though the tickets tend to be on the pricier side, it is worth the money for those long international flights. 
  • Domestic Flights to Jeju from Incheon Airport - If you are planning to head to Jeju island from Seoul and wondering how to get there, then this is for you.
  • Expedia - if there are no ongoing promotions, you might want to search for slightly cheaper flights.

Sites for accommodation/flights and comparison

When booking other properties on AirBnB, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in joining AirBnB and want a discount off your first stay, please sign up here!

Blog References/Inspiriation - Seoul

  • KampungBoyCityGal - A Malaysian couple blogging on latest food raves in town. Contains interesting itineraries. 
  • im-chacha - A Singaporean blogger who has cool itineraries of Seoul ^^

Travel Thoughts and Tips

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