Sakae Sushi @ Century Square

With about 30 over outlets in Singapore, Sakae Sushi with its green smiling frog logo is a familiar sight. Like almost all sushi restaurants, Sake Sushi has conveyor-belt sushi which you can pick-and-eat, as well as it’s more well known buffets during the lunch hour on weekdays. The standard sushi or colored plates at are S$2.29, with red plates being the most pricy at S$6.50. But still, this can be said to be one of the more affordable sushi restaurants you can find in Singapore. What’s an extra plus is that if you have a Citibank credit card, you get 10% off the total bill. Of course, if you joined as a member of Sakae Sushi you would get more perks, but that depends on whether you are attracted to the offer and love/eat sushi that much.

One thing that stands out at Sakae Sushi is that customers are able to order through computer terminals located at each table. Here you are able to take you time, select what you want, click the confirm order button and wait for your food. Or you could always do it the good old fashion way and get the waiter to take down your order. This restaurant chain also has a delivery service, which I have tried before previously. No issues with the delivery as yet.

Having recently been to the Sakae Sushi @ Century Square, I noticed (perhaps) a system error, which seemed to 'forget' my order of salmon sushi via the system. I had to order it via the waiter once, and another time simply let it be since I wasn't charged for something that never arrived. I don't think the terminal ordering system is connected to billing, as the waiter had to count the sushi/side-dish plates and updated the chit placed at the table, but they never seemed to verify it with what was ordered via the terminal. In addition, the terminal's interface where you can order the food  hasn’t been changed in a long while… The photos of the food on the interface could really afford to be bigger and clearer, as well as having some sort of description about the food. You can view more of the ordering process and food here.

I wouldn’t say service was fantastic, but it wasn't bad either; the food was enough to make up for it. So without further ado here was what was for dinner for 2 persons.
Salmon sashimi
Salmon sashimi
salmon sushi
Not forgetting salmon sushi.. what can I say I like raw salmon ^^
Nama Hotate
Nama Hotate (scallop) Sushi
Fried Toufu
Fried Toufu
Kagiage (fried vegetables) - we had two servings ^^

Teriyaki Chicken Don
Teriyaki Chicken Don which was pretty nice
Teriyaki Chicken Ramen... yum yum

The only gripe I have is the ice-cream, don't you think it looks...well, different?

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