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Here is a list of websites that I check out before traveling, in this case for Taiwan. Hope it is as useful to you as it has been to me thus far. All websites stated on this page are sites that I have used. If you have any other highlights or must-have tips of your own that you'll like to share, please leave a comment or use the contact form.

Reviews / Ideas / Research 

  • TripAdvisor - The reviews and forums are pretty useful. 
  • VirtualTourist - The occasion review or forum post to get a better gauge. 
  • WikiTravel - Provides a nice and easy to read overview of the country you are going to visit and what to expect. 


  • Singapore Airlines – If you have confirmed your flight dates and are pretty sure there will be no changes to those dates, buying the tickets a couple of months before can save you a lot especially if they have special on going promotions. Though the tickets tend to be on the pricier side, it is worth the money for those long international flights. 
  • Jetstar (Budget) – Pretty affordable prices to nearby destinations like Taiwan, Australia etc… 


Sites for accommodation/flights and comparison 

  • HotelsCombined – Provides a good overview of all accommodation rates from booking sites like, expedia etc… Great resource for a quick comparison of the various rates across the web for hotels and picking out the cheapest one.
  • Zuji - Gives a good overview view and estimate of air flight rates as well as accommodation. The results can be used to be compared with those from HotelsCombined in your decision making process. 

Blog References - Taiwan

  • KampungBoyCityGal – A Malaysian couple blogging on latest food raves in town. Contains interesting itineraries.
  • Taiwan Explorer – From the perspective of a 30 something guy who moved to Taiwan. Pretty detailed and very insightful of life in Taiwan and places to visit.
  • Taipei Dreams – Useful and interesting tips about Taiwan and what tourists should know from a Singaporean perspective.
  • Tourist Kitty – An avid fan of travel, Taiwan and writing.
  • a hungry girl's guide to taipei - a journal of finding good food and restaurants


Transport Websites

Resources (15 - 30 Years Old)

Other Resources


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        1. Hi! Tks for your mention of the Tourist Kitty website. =) Glad that you found it useful!