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With so many exhibitors and items to look at, it may take you days to go through the halls, not to mention the different levels that the exhibitors are on. To beat the crowd, or save yourself the trouble and energy here are some suggestions (in no particular order) for events like the IT Show:
1. Look out for pricing and any bargains from the newspapers or online.
If you know what you are looking for, getting a good idea of the layout from the floor plans to help you narrow down your search, saving you time. Knowing which area has the better bargain or knowing how to navigate (or map) the places you want. Doing so not only helps you save even more time, and spares you the suffering of prolonged lack of space and oxygen.

2. Going early
Going early may allow you to beat the crowd, but I am sure many other people get the idea and will be even earlier. But still, if you are there early(ier) than the majority of them, you may be able to skip the queues and get your hands on display units. And if you are lucky, there might even be early bird deals for those who are there early. Going early also may help you avoid the crowd if you intend to buy bulky items like printers and tvs.

3. Don’t bring babies, toddlers, or young children
It will be super packed with people, so it is not advisable to bring toddlers or young children. Unless you want to experience them getting lost or give them a “wonderful” childhood memory of getting stepped on, pushed and the like.

4. Take public transport
Parking will never be enough and the traffic, well, if everyone that had a car drove to the IT Show, it would most probably result in a massive jam (in addition to the human jam). Well, if you insist on driving, you could always park some distance away and make you way via public transport, saves you on parking fees too.

5. Last day bargains
Usually on the last day there would be better bargain on the last day, especially c lose the closing time, as stocks are waiting to be cleared. But expected a crowd. 

6. Always keep your belongs close to you
Singapore may be a relatively safe place with a low crime rate (which does not equate to no crime), but as with crowded places and tight spaces, it’s always better to be careful and not lose your belongs to your carelessness or pickpockets.

7. Know what you are buying and check your item after purchase.
Just because there are promoters, it does not mean that they know what they are selling. Most of them just want to make a sale, and will say (not to mention) include things to make the deal seem sweeter. So you either know what you want, bring a friend who knows how to communicate to get what you need or want, or risk having regret after your purchase.
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