T-Money (Seoul City Pass Plus)

Just like Singapore’s EZLink Card and Taiwan’s Easy Card, there is T-Money (of varying offerings) when you want to travel around in Seoul and other cities within South Korea (e.g. Busan, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon, Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon).

Taiwan Summer Trip Itinerary (5D/4N)

Here is an overview of the itinerary for our Taipei trip during Summer season.

Volando Urai Spring Spa and Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)

Volando Urai Spring Spa and Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) is located in New Taipei City (Wulai), close to to the Wulai Town (and waterfalls).

Seoul Spring Trip Itinerary (7D/6N)

Here is an overview of the itinerary for our Seoul trip during Spring season.

Universal Studios Singapore (Sentosa) Guide

Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 uniquely themed zones, each with their own uniquely theme food kiosks, vendors and souvenir shops.

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) Public Hot Springs

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) Overview > Public Hot Springs

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort would be an epitome of luxury and relaxation amidst lush greenery and hotsprings with (supposedly) beautifying properties. Besides the cosy room, fine dining and cultural performances, as a hotel guest, you have complimentary usage of the spaciously clean public hot springs. If you are not a hotel guest and wish to enjoy the public hot springs, prices might range from NT$850 to 1,000 (depending on the season) for a duration of 4 hours.

That said, although being a hotel guest allows you complimentary usage of the spaciously clean public hot springs there is an barrier to overcome: if you want to enjoy the hot springs you have to do it all naturel nu. It took us till the last day to try out the public hot springs and it was a choice that was not regretted!

The hot springs are gender segregated and each area (male and female is equipped with resting areas offering TV, magazines, beverages, and newspapers). There are also indoor hot springs pools and outdoor ones.

After walking down a (somewhat) winding flight of stairs and past the spa area, we were brought to the female public hot springs area. The first thing you would see are lockers to keep your footwear and clothes (lockers for footwear and clothes/belongings are in different areas). Once you have deposited your footwear into the locker, it is time to change into the comfortable slippers that are provided by the resort. You will than be requested to change into the yukata that is provided (or you can just wear the one provided in the hotel room if you are a guest). Towels, soap and shampoo are provided.... And the rest they say is history as the warm hot springs water dissolved all worries away in the tranquility of its surroundings.

For the female public hot springs, there are 2 pools that are cold and 2 that are warm/hot (averaging about 40-42+ Degree Celsius).

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) Public Hotsprings
Indoor Pools and shower area: taken from Volandoo Urai Spring Spa & Resort Website

There is also an outdoor pool overlooking the the surrounding lush greenery and river. There are even decks near the outdoor pool for you to soak in the sun. Water dispensers with disposal cups are conveniently located for you to hydrate yourself.

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) Public Hotsprings
Outdoor Pool: taken from Volandoo Urai Spring Spa & Resort Website

There is also a resting area which is equipped with a TV, magazines, beverages, and newspapers; all for you to just relax and take in the beautiful scenery unfolding before your eyes while you idle the time away.

Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) Public Hotsprings
Resting area: taken from Volandoo Urai Spring Spa & Resort Website

 Once you are done with the hot springs (and finished showering), there is a dressing area which is equipped with cotton swabs, mirrors, lotions and hairdryers; even a coffee dispenser at your disposal.

Verdict: While this property may not be the newest, it is very well maintained. What you see on the resort's website is what you can expect to enjoy. The only downside is that instructions are in Chinese and most of the attendants are more proficient in Mandarin than English. But that should not deter you from enjoying the public hot springs as the beautiful scenery and hot springs warm your heart and relax your soul.

  1. Service              
  2. Value                 
  3. Maintenance        
  4. Facilities           
Overall Experience:   

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Wulai Old Street (烏來老街): Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)

While there have been blog posts and reccomendations about dining at Taiya Po Po (泰雅婆婆美食店), which serves authentic Atayal aboriginal dishes, we decided to dine at the eatery opposite it - Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店).

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
As with most Atalyan restaurants, the kitchen is located at the front of the shop where the ingredients used are also proudly displayed on the counter beckoning hungry patrons to come in.

The simple interior of the eatery resembles our local Singaporean air-conditioned coffeeshop/cafe with stools and wooden tables. Despite its lack of decor relating to the Atalyan culture, this eatery was doing brisk business during lunch time (so much so that we had to share the table with a family of four).

As soon as we entered, we were presented with a menu that doubles up as an order list (you have to select the items that you want DIY style). There are no images (just real food at the front) to help with the ordering and after seeing the items (and in Chinese Traditional characters no less!), we just asked the lady attending to us for recommendations to which she happily recommended. Perhaps it is the culture or the relaxed pace (away from city life), but whenever you ask for assistance in Taiwan, chances are that you will be very eagerly assisted to the best capability of the one rendering help. There is a sort of sincerity and eagerness that you would rarely encounter in Singapore.

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
The menu cum ordering list. Oh and did I mention, this place has air-conditioning! ^^

In the end, we had noodles, bamboo rice, vegetables, soup with mountain vegetables, stewed bamboo shoots and chicken – a hearty meal, all for NT$680 (about S$28-30).

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
Stew Bamboo Shoots (background): Despite being stewed, the bamboo shoots had a slight crunch to them which gave it a delightful texture tinged with the fragrance of bamboo. Little or no seasoning was used, so the bamboo shoots exuded a very simple and mild bamboo flavor that might take some time getting used to.

Bamboo tube rice (竹筒飯) (foreground): The bamboo tube rice, is a specialty of the area and consists of sticky glutinous rice with mushroom stuffing cooked in a tube of bamboo. The taste was simple and the rice was not as glutinous as we (Singaporeans) are used to. However, it was a simple delight with pine nuts, mushroom and pieces of meat. As the taste is very light and earthy, it might not suit those whose palates prefer strong flavors; they might find it a little bland.  

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
A plate of noodles with braised sauce: The noodles were springy and the braised sauce that was drizzled over it complimented it well. Surprisingly even with the pieces of fatty pork and some oil (and strips of carrot) it was not greasy at all. It was one of my favorite dishes!

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
Vegetable Soup: Not sure what vegetables were used but they were definitely Wulai's local produce. Don't be deceived by its plain appearance. This soup was one of the most naturally flavored soups I have had! It was tasty and did not taste the way you would I expected it to. The vegetables were like a cross between (golden) mushrooms and scallions in texture, yet not as overpowering in flavor as the two; tasty, light and refreshing.

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
Chicken: Highly recommended! This has got to be one of the tastiest chicken that I have ever tasted! You can choose whether you want the front or lower part of the chicken. It is similar in flavor to Singaporean Hainanese chicken, the enhanced flavor version of it. The texture of the chicken and its leanness was similar to kampung chicken. And just like Hainanese chicken served in Singapore, this was served slightly chilled (not warm and not hot, but not cold either).

Wulai Little Eatery (烏來小吃店)
Stir-fried vegetables: These vegetables had an interesting taste of both spring onions (the crunchiness) and dou miao (the flavor). While the bits of mushrooms added a nice mushroomy flavor, it was a tad too oily. It should be accompanied with a bowl of rice.

Overall, it was a hearty and enjoyable meal. The Atayal aboriginal cuisine is interesting and ingenious, managing to find/produce and cook fresh local ingredients within the harsh constraints of the environment. That being said, if you are in Wulai and want to try the local cuisine, do take note that it is simple (country?) fare that the locals have been enjoying for some time. If you are expecting to be wowed by the spectacular-ness of it, you are better off eating at expensive restaurants that would better suit your city-paced palate.

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Wulai (烏來): Hot Springs and Accommodations

There are various ways to enjoy the hot springs in Wulai:
  1. If your budget allows and/or you want to experience a more luxurious (and private) hot springs experience, spending some money for a couple of hours (or a night or two) to get a private room or use the public hot spring areas of the many hotels, resorts, inns (bed & breakfasts) that are peppered throughout the area is the option for you. You just have to find one that is within your budget and comfort (some are really ‘open’ a.k.a all naturel  nu).

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous and/or just want to save some money, the best way to enjoy an original hot spring experience is to bathe at the open-air hot spring on the bank of Nanshih Creek. Just do as the locals do!
Wulai (烏來): Hot Springs and Accommodations
Enjoying the hot springs by the river side

If you decide to spend a few nights or a few hours, for the price conscious (not too fussy) travelers, you can consider:
  1. Full Moon Spa, Wulai (烏來明月溫泉)
  2. Photo taken from Full Moon Spa Website
    Located in the Wulai “old street”/bus terminus area, this relatively affordable 3 star accommodation is highly recommended by hot spring fans. While the décor retains an old world Japanese-styled charm, it still appeals to visitors who prefer to have elements of contemporary facilities. If you intend to stay a night or two, online prices range from about S$112 - 170++ (NT$2,700 - 4,100) per night. Can accommodate up to 4 people in a room. [Tripadvisor Reviews]

    If you just want to enjoy the hot springs for a couple of hours, they offer an hourly rate (from about NT$1,200 / 2 persons / hour and upwards). Just check out the official website.

  3. Spring Spa Hotel
  4. Photo taken from Spring Spa Hotel Website
    Located in Wulai District, the Spring Spa Hotel offers a spacious base while visiting New Taipei City, and also includes a beauty centre, a spa & wellness centre and a Jacuzzi. Online prices range from about S$133 - 210++ (NT$3,200 - 5100) per night. Can accommodate up to 4 people in a room. [Tripadvisor Reviews

  5. Sun Moon Light Hot Spring (日月光溫泉)
  6. Overlooking the lush greenery and mountains of Wulai is Sun Moon Light Hot Spring (日月光溫泉). Best if you understand Chinese as the website has no English version. Enjoying just the hot springs might cost from NT$2,000 onwards / 2 persons / hour. [Qiito Reviews and photos]

  7. Sky Life Spring 
  8. Sky Life Spring is located along the Xindian-Wulai route and has shuttle service available. Best if you understand Chinese as the website has no English version. Rates per night are about S$250 - 315 (NT$6,000 - 7,600).

  9. Wulai Spring Resort
  10. Wulai Spring Resort is a 10-min. walk from the Wulai bus terminus; providing free shuttle available. If you are unsure or unable to find the pricing online, the official website provides more details in helping you make that decision - to enjoy the hot springs for a couple of days or a few hours. [Tripadvisor Reviews

    While those who seek something a little more (and can afford it are willing to spend):
    1. Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)
    2. Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort
      Taken from Volandoo Urai Spring Spa & Resort Website
      Probably 1 of the 2 most luxurious spas/resorts in Wulai, Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) is located along the route from Xindian to Wulai and offers splendid view and serenity. Online prices range from S$600 -1000++ (NT$14,400 - 25,000) per night. [Read more about an overview of Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) and its services (from public hot springs, private rooms to accommodation) here] [Tripadvisor Reviews

    3. Wulai Pause Landis Resort
    4. Located right next to Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)Wulai Pause Landis Resort is the other luxurious resort offering luxury accommodation and spas. Online prices range from S$305 - 1,200++ (NT$7,300 - 28,000++) per night. [Tripadvisor Reviews

    Tips/rules on enjoying the hot springs: [excerpt from Go 2 Taiwan]
    1. Take a shower before bathing in hot springs to maintain the cleanliness of the water.
    2. Women should avoid bathing in hot springs during their menstrual period.
    3. Be sure to test the temperature of the water with a finger or toe before getting in to make sure the hot springs are not too hot.
    4. Avoid bathing in hot springs 30 minutes before eating a meal, and one hour after a meal.
    5. Do not drink alcohol while bathing in hot springs .
    6. Make sure there is enough air circulation in indoor hot springs facilities.
    7. Do not soak in hot springs for too long. Generally, 30 minutes each time is the limit, and one should not bath in the springs more than three times per day.
    8. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after soaking in hot springs . Drinking sports drinks is also recommended.
    9. People with heart diseases and pregnant women should not soak in hot springs .

    How to Get There

    From Taipei:

    MRT -> Bus
    1. Take MRT to Xindian Station (the southernmost stop on the green line)
    2. Take Bus 1601 or 849 (bus stop is in front of the station) to Wulai for about NT$15-40. The bus journey takes about 40 minutes (usually a little longer on weekends). For a better view of the scenic landscape, face the right side when you board the bus.
    3. Wulai Old Street (烏來老街) is a short 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Wulai bus terminal. You will have to cross a short bridge to reach.

    MRT -> Taxi
    If you do not want to compete with the crowd, you could take a taxi after alighting at Xindian MRT Station. A taxi trip should cost about NT$650++.

    Transportation and Getting Around Wulai:

    Wulai is small enough that you should be able to get around on foot without much problem, sans the minor slopes and relatively short distances. If you want to see the waterfalls or go to the amusement park, you could take the cable car and/or tram to get around; giving a different perspective.

    If you are interested in exploring parts of Wulai which are slightly further out, where the hiking and natural attractions are available, you can either take a taxi or rent a scooter. Taxis are available for hire: each trip within the Wulai area costs NT$200 and for shorter distances NT$150. If you prefer, you can also rent a scooter and explore at your own pace instead.

    Bringing You the Classic Heritage of UK

    Photo provided by Emily Matthews

    The UK Empire Classic Heritage which comprises of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, offers an amazing experience filled with any places to explore. Whether you are on a solo trip, with that significant other/friends, family and/or kids, there is something for you. If you have not yet been to the United Kingdom, you should make a trip here someday.  Here are some of the reasons why United Kingdom is such a good place to visit:

    1) Scenic elegance 

    Scenery and picturesque elegance are regarded as another name for Excellent Britain. Right from the sea to the hilly landscape, all types of natural appeal could be discovered on this small country. The best part being that they are all in close proximities to each other. You can reach any beach in the United Kingdom within two hours. Some of the picturesque areas consist of the Pond Region, the Jurassic Shore, the British Route Isles and the seashores etc...

    2) World Category Places 

    London, being the historic city of the United Kingdom, is one of the largest city on the world; it is definitely not to be missed! In just London alone there is a choice of exclusive locations for those looking for a more uncommon destination or for those who basically like to explore and go along with the flow. The vibrant culture that London encompasses the traditional English ways while intertwining with modern elements from the arts to food and museums.  However, the United Kingdom is much more than London (from Birmingham to Manchester). From food to culture and the independent way of life all the way to the perceptive passages of Oxford with it traditional remains and passageways etc... The list is endless! 

    3) The British Record 

    Generally known as the Colonial area, the United Kingdom has levels of history covered around it. Get to know about the British people, Celts, Picts, and Gaels and gradually open up traditional past around them. You can check out the Summer Solstice a887 black at Stonehenge, the Cerne Abbas Massive, and Heart of Neolithic Orkney UNESCO Culture Site and so on.

    4) The British Pub Culture 

    The age old British bars are known to have been located for number of years. The titles of these bars come from the local tradition illustrating the reputation of the position. The structure of the position has a tale in itself to tell. Some examples of the must check out bars are Elegant Oak, the Old Combination, the Work at Titchfield, the Well digger's Hands etc...

    5) Festivals and Activities

    Celebrations and events are fantastic audience pullers. Some such events consist of the Wimbledon, the Glasgow festivals which are the biggest party for executing artistry on the globe. The others consist of the several weeks Plant Display, the Glastonbury festivals and many more!

    6) The British culture and Traditions 

    From the unusual to the elegant, British people have it all. You can find dance by the Morris Men, May Day where in equine are discovered to be threatening the towns; there are different customs and traditions waiting to be discovered.

    7) Magnificent Architecture 

    The historical structure by means of the spectacular mansions, cathedrals, estates has it all. This makes the country completely unique from the whole world providing it an appeal of its own. Some of the heritage structures consist of the Windsor Adventure, Kilchurn Adventure and so on.

    8) The British Literary Works 

    What is English without the language. There are literature festivals which showcase and celebrate the conventional way of writing: some such festivals consist of the Her Austen Event of Shower, the Radcliffe Digital and Bodleian Collection, the Elegant Shakespeare Company etc... 

    9) The Beautiful and Historical Scenery 

    Many horticulturalists have explored the British landscapes and have discovered many unique varieties of vegetation. Some of these consist of the Powys Adventure and Lawn, Water fountains Abbey and Sturdily Elegant Water Lawn, the Fantastic Scenery of Argyll and Bute etc..

    10) The British Elegant 

    From Buckingham Structure, the Elegant Windsor Horse Display, and Elegant Ascot, British elegance can be seen and enjoyed.

    Author Bio: I am Emily Matthews, a passionate blogger who has been working freelance since 2009. Most of the time I enjoy exploring new stuff online and new ideas. I am a huge fan of D.I.Y sites, currently researching on visa waiver programs. Always on hunt for the latest buzz... I love sharing my ideas on travel, fashion, natural remedies, charity, cooking, photography, art. Well am Creative. Knowledge is to Share!!!!

    Jetstar Fiasco: From Singapore to Taiwan

    Just like the first time we went to Taiwan (and due to the belief that budget flights are good enough for short trips less than 5 hours), Jetstar got us to our intended destination. Jetstar, being a budget airline, charges for seats (priority seats cost more), entertainment and meals. So the price you see before the final payment is not the final amount. The average price of a flight to Taiwan (Taipei) can range from S$350-500++. This time however, thanks to DramaQueen we got to save S$100. But those savings were not meant to be...

    Similar to the first time, the departure flight supposedly left Singapore from Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the morning (7:10 am) and arrived in Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 at around noon time. It was supposed to be so... but we hit a snag... more on that below...

    Although this time we did not choose the special seats (i.e. more leg room etc...), which offered us the option to check in online 48 hours before takeoff, it was somewhat complicated (especially if you do not know how many bags you will be checking in until the very last moment) and also a tad inconvenient when you can only check-in online for your return trip IF you had checked-in online for your departure trip. It's just not as simple nor as fuss free as it should be.

    Jetstar: From Singapore to Taiwan Hotsprings
    You have to know how many bags
    Jetstar: From Singapore to Taiwan Hotsprings
    You can't check-in online for your return trip if you never did so for your departure trip

    Despite the inconvenience and troublesome process, it was a mistake not to check-in online... We were late for the flight *gasps* and missed it! *horrified face* We could have boarded, if only we had checked-in online, there would have been a glimmer of hope. Well, it is the first time and definitely the last time this is going to happen (being late that is); making it an experience to learn from and understand the true meaning of this thing we call 'service'! Ok, from this point on it is just a rant at the service Jetstar provides, it is budget after all but I am still 'traumatized'.

    Yes, we missed our flight and the plane probably left (well, not really but check-in closed 15 minutes before take-off). The counter staff that attended to us was unsympathetic and non-nonchalant, not bothering to offer any alternatives other than an attitude that said, 'too bad you were late now can you please go away?'. If we had not asked what was the next available flight and if we could change the departure flight, we would have been left in limbo with more wasted monies and time.

    What made this experience memorable was the attitude, I mean I know this budget but do you have to snicker at an already panicking passenger, only to reply in a manner that induces more panic and not offer any prompt solutions? It would have been helpful if the Jetstar counter staff had promptly offered any alternatives and/or politely informing that the changes had to be done at the front counter in a pleasing manner instead of haphazardly brushing passengers us away. What is done had been done, what they should be doing is offer a solution (which would earn them more monies in return anyways) in a helpful and friendly manner. Instead, what they did was simply give a 'couldn't be bothered' attitude and were reluctant to resolve the issue at hand. They kept referring us to go to the next (and the next counter) to buy the tickets if we wanted to and that we had to do so fast because it had to be done within a certain time frame. They could have just politely directed us to the (correct) front counter with a smile, instead of just pointing non-nonchalantly where to go, albeit still twice wrong information. 

    In addition to the change of the departure timing, the booking for the return flight was changed as well, moving us a day later than our initial plan and incurring an additional S$575! Sorry LuttiSparrow! :(

    Well, though we can't fault the price as we missed the plane, the helpfulness of the staff could have been improved. For those who have been late before, perhaps they already know what recourse they have/can take, but for for noobs who have missed their flight for the first time, it would be a lot more useful if the counter staff know what to do with a smile; even with extra costs a happy assured passenger is better than one who would not likely return. After all, service is the provision of something intangible and it is what leaves a lasting impact on savvy consumers in this day and age. Products can only last as long as the charm lasts, but what sustains a business for longer is good service and good products. A little smile and a whole lot of usefulness helpfulness goes a long way.

    Yes, you might be budget and yes you might be cheap minus the frills. But does that mean that since you are budget, we have to pay extra for that bit of helpfulness and stoic faces? If so at least offer an option to select for it as well (just as with all the other extras like food, checked in luggage and entertainment). Without that smile and helpfulness, I might as well pay a little more (S$588-600++) for something a little more value added with food, smiles and a whole lot less stress and more help guidance. After all, it is not that much of a difference between budget airlines without promotions (not inclusive of food, taxes and luggage) and normal airlines (i.e. Singapore Air) when they have their promotions (with taxes); the difference being about S$50-100++ (i.e. S$588++). And for that little bit more you get more luggage weight (30kg vs 15/20kg) at no more additional cost, better service (which was probably included in the cost) and food that you don't have to fuss about. It was definitely a memorable start to a wonderful birthday. Thank you Jetstar for letting me feel 'small' and 'insignificant', and almost not being able to re-book the flight to go just because... I was magically supposed to know what to do...

    Ok, so with that out of the way and flights re-booked. We checked-in online immediately after and went to Changi Airport for our flight. After the whole fiasco, as long as we got to our destination and back with everything in tact, I really couldn't be bother anymore.

    Oh.. the irony... >.<

    Soon, the time for the flight came (again) and we surprisingly made it in time (ha..ha). The personnel manning the counters at night seemed to be on a different pill, they weren't necessarily nice, but at least they weren't rude either. Still that didn't do much to erase the 'bitter' aftertaste what happened earlier in the day. It also didn't help that the air-conditioning on board (before take-off) was producing a 'wonderful' dry ice effect, to which I think I heard one of the crew respond to another passenger's query about the special effect, "The air-conditioning is not working properly". Air pressure within the cabin as usual was not so good, and although I didn't get a headache (like the first time), the slight  smell of petrol seeping into the air was fairly uncomfortable (any more and we would all have been 'gassed'?).

    Jetstar Bad Service
    The usual seating, leg space and cramp walkway
    Jetstar Bad Service
    Special Effects

    Once we landed, immigration at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 took about 30-45 minutes and collecting the luggage took less than an hour. Since our last trip to Taiwan, the construction that Terminal 1 was under going at the time has already been completed. It was pretty quiet since it was early in the morning

    Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1
    On the way to immigration
    Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1
    Money Changer

    Upon our arrival, the transport from Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) arrived right on time and we were promptly driven to our destination for the next 3 days. Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)provided good service and help rendered when we informed them of the changes in flight schedule. They were able to offer prompt action and solutions for us - true service. So much so that it deserves another post of its own!

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    Crayon Art Basics: The art of melting crayons

    Crayons, those sticks of colors that we often use when we were children to color the walls and pieces of paper soon get boring when we get older and coloring within the lines (or on walls) becomes passe. Well, a few months ago, I discovered a new creative (and really fun) way to use crayons - crayon melting. Yes, you read me right, melting crayons is the latest craze in town (my town at least) and how could you not want to try melting them? :)

    I thought this was really cool and since I discovered this method. I have always wanted to give it try it. So yesterday, I decided to give it a go in my spare time. 

    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    Not bad eh?

    Interested in making your own crayon melt art? Don't worry it is actually really simple to do! 

    4 things you'll need:

    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    Tools needed

    Step 1: Select the crayon colors that you want to use.

    Step 2: Place the colors in the order that you want. You can either place them according to the colors of the rainbow or any other color scheme that you prefer.

    Step 3: Glue each crayon (facing down) to the canvas.

    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    If you want, you can remove the crayon wrapper the final result to be with the wrapper.

    Step 4: Place the canvas vertically with crayons at the top. It's going to get messy, so don't forget to protect your walls and floor with newspapers or anything that can contain the mess.

    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    Place the canvas vertically

    Step 5: With hairdryer in the other hand, turn it on and go over the crayons until they melt. You can blow them gradually and modify your blowing angle to direct the melting wax in any direction that you want. It takes about an hour or so for all the crayons to melt.

    ... and the final product....

    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    The final product
    melting crayons Travelbytez.com
    The melting process

    When you are a bit more familiar with the process, you can try different styles and creative ways to melt them to make more creative designs with stencil. Stay tuned because I just might get in a creative mood again and melt more crayons!

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