Bibap Beatbox Action Comedy

Bibap is yet another humor-packed action stage production from South Korea, like Ballerina Who loves B-Boy and Scahoom (which I enjoyed watching). When I went to get the tickets from a Sistic counter, my friend who is still studying (part-time) got to enjoy the student discount. So if you are student, don’t miss out on this chance for your discount.

Bibap Beatbox Action Comedy

Bibap first debuted in 2009, and its name Bibap is inspired by the Korean signature dish Bibimbap – a dish consisting of mixed rice, meat and vegetables. This dancical incorporates a capella singing, breakdancing, beatboxing and martial arts and of course cooking; just like bibimbap, Bibap is a blend of art forms and is very engaging. The beatbox duo, Lee Dong Jae and Song Won Jun, provided awesome percussive beats, and also mimicked the sounds of chopping up and mixing up the ingredients that go into bibimbap and the other sequences. Apparently the final showdown, where an audience member is selected to try the bibimbap made by two chefs is purposely based on the audience choice. The two (red and green) chefs are played by veteran stage actors, Hong Sang Jin and Jeon Joo Woo, who said that their chances of outdoing each other in the bibimbap taste-test is 50-50. Mr Jeon also jokingly added that the loser has to clean up the mess after the show. Bibap was staged at the Esplanade on March 30 and April 1, 2012. [source]

This 90-minute production tells of the story of two rival chefs’ and their quest to make the world’s best bibimbap. The start of the production begins with a kitchen settle where the either the red or green chef is selected to cook at dish each. After the dish is “cooked”, one or two audience members are selected to “try” the dishes. The interaction with the audience is engaging and the sequences were outstanding. Here is a brief summary of the show, which mimics the orders being relayed to a restaurant kitchen:
  •  Sushi
This was the opening dish and the impression was long-lasting, especially the “sea” sequence in the dark. One of the chefs was selected to “cook” this dish while the other chef stomped off upset. Here the cast makes the sushi with their unique blend of a capella singing, breakdancing, beatboxing and martial arts and humor onto their “cooking”.
  • Pizza
After the sushi, another other comes in and the other chef is selected. The chefs try to sabotage each other attempts. This sequence was funny because two audience members, who did not know each other, were selected and comedy ensued.
  • Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup
This by far was the most comical “dish”, especially when it came to the chicken portion of the dish. There was even a “funeral” for the rubber chicken that never seemed to die.
  • Bibimbap
The last dish of the production, but not the last set, bibimbap was the epitome of the cat’s blend of a capella singing, breakdancing, beatboxing and martial arts and humor!
And all in-between the “dishes”, the cast interacted and engaged with the audience in a memorable fashion, the beatboxing and breakdancing were really awesome (you have to watch it to know what I mean). And did I mention the sopranos; especially the “sexy” one in the black outfit, she can hit a mean high note!

After the dancical ended, audience members were allowed to meet the cast and take photos with them (I believe this should be for those in the more expensive or VIP seats). But still we joined in the fun and took photos of (not with) the cast.

Bibap Beatbox Action Comedy Cast
Bibap Beatbox Action Comedy Cast

Overall, I truly enjoyed myself and would not mind watching this again. So if this production comes to a stage near you, I highly recommend it for a nice day/night out! ^^
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  1. I will watch out for this show as it seems to have the perfect blend of laughs and action. Although I would hate to be pulled out from the audience to participate I enjoy watching others take part.

    1. You should definitely catch this production if it comes to a place near you. ^^