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Marina Bay Night View i

i Light Marina Bay, first started in 2010, is Singapore’s as well as Asia ’s first sustainable light art festival that serves as the regional platform for exchanging ideas and technology, artistic expression and public engagement through light art works which emphasize on intelligent light usage and sustainable use of energy. i Light Marina Bay 2010 celebrated Marina Bay's night scape with a showcase of 25 dynamic and innovative light art installations along the 3.5km waterfront promenade.

Marina Bay Sands Night View i Light Marina Bay 2012

This year’s i Light Marina Bay 2012 is  held from 9 March to 1 April 2012, with the themed "Light Meets Asia" and features more than 30 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations (that are not only visually engaging but interactive as well), with a strong focus on works from Asia. There was an array of complementary programs and activities, which include night carnivals, outdoor performances, guided tours, educational talks and workshops; ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Seeing the pretty pictures that my friend took, I decided to take a look at this exhibition after watching the dancial, Bibap Beatbox Action Comedy at the Esplanade today. However, being Earth Hour Day, the lights were turned off for an hour. So we had nothing much to do as we walked from Marina Bay Sands towards the Esplande (again). Fortunately for us, we stumbled across a band, Afterhours, playing at Esplanade Waterfront. They were pretty good and kept us entertained till the lights were on again.

When the lights were turned on, we didn't manage to walk or view all the light exhibitions, but I am happy that I got to see some really "pretty" lights.


Garden of Light

Garden of Light i Light Marina Bay 2012

Garden of Light is an ambitious projection by Hexogon Solution Pte. Ltd. which is projected on the surface of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. It incorporates a variety of light and sound effects to tell a story about environmental sustainability, highlighting the beauty of the natural world with projectors that  create a spectacular effect visible from several vantage points throughout Marina Bay but  make no impact on the surface of the Art Science Museum.

Key Frames

Key Frames is created by Groupe LAPS, a group consisting of six artists and designers who combine their expertise and technical know-how in areas such as art, design and lighting. Originally commissioned for the Fête des Lumières 2011 in Lyon, France, Key Frames will once again delight audiences - this time at Marina Bay. Key Frames makes use of LED light tubes to create a display of more than twenty static stick figures. The lights create a choreographed display which evokes movement, activity and a festive atmosphere when paired with an electrifying soundtrack. 

Parmenides I

 Parmenides IParmenides IParmenides I

Parmenides I is a hypnotic 3D projection of swirling abstract patterns which create an amazing sense of movement, colour and form. Reminiscent of 1960s Op Art, it is a large scale geometric sculpture incorporating 360º projection-mapped video. Even when projectors are switched off, audiences can appreciate the work for its sculptural aesthetic.



Crystallised recreates the starry night sky by making a spatial installation from five thousand edge-lit acrylic rods resembling a glowing internal landscape like a cave with a ceiling of glittering stalactites. The rods collectively act as a canopy, using programmed low-energy LED lighting technology to create an ever fluctuating colourful abstraction of the night sky.


Sweet Home

After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, Serbia, Aleksandra Stratimirovic completed her studies in specialised lighting design at the University of Fine Arts and Crafts in Stockholm (Konstfack) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. The Yugoslavia-born artist lives in Sweden.

Sweet Home is an installation of site-specific lampshades which evokes a warm and homely atmosphere in an urban setting through the use of light and colour. Originally exhibited in Belgrade, Stratimirovic intended for the work to evoke a sweet sense of home in a chaotic, polluted street. Instead of conventional filament lamps, sustainability is achieved through the use of LED GLS lamps.



Immersion is a self-supported eight metre-wide circular array of vertical low energy LED strip lighting, pixel-mapped to form a complete video display. Textural content is then displayed and can be instantly manipulated by the viewer’s motion which is captured by infrared cameras. The inspiration behind its design came from watching children run through a water fountain and was created by Martin Bevz, who has worked in the events industry for the past decade as a production manager at a bespoke lighting company, and Kathryn Clifton, who draws inspiration from her studies in primary education, considering ease of interaction for the young and old in developing a concept for an installation. 

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  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I find it amazing what you are able to do, artistically, with just light. I'm sure there is a bit more technology to it than that, but still.