The Wonders of Horse Shampoo... for Humans

Did you know horse shampoo could actually make your hair silkier and softer? I discovered this a few weeks ago in a woman's magazine, and was very surprised by this fact. A bunch of questions ran through my mind, "Who would ever think of buying horse shampoo to wash your (human) own hair?", "Is it safe enough?", "Why would anyone want to do this? Aren't there regular shampoos for this?" etc...

It is even more odd when you discover that Jennifer Aniston is actually using horse shampoo for her hair, and surprisingly, it seems is that her hair became even softer and shinier after washing her hair with horse shampoo.

So how can horse shampoo make your hair silkier and softer? Well, as a horse rider, I can tell you that after using horse shampoo on horses, their mane and coat becomes much softer and shinier. So I guess it could perhaps it could work for human hair and have the same wonderful effects...

However, do be careful when choosing the product, because not all horse shampoo are suitable for human hair. You definitely do not want to spoil your own "mane" because of the wrong type of shampoo.

Curiously about which type of horse shampoo is suitable for human hair, I searched and came up with "Mane & Tails". Apparently "Mane & Tails" is a shampoo made for horses AND humans (it is written on the box), and it is also used by Jennifer Aniston. The ingredients used seem harmless enugh: water, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide DEA, glycol distearate, fragrance, hydrolyzed protein, sodium chloride, citric acid, methyl isothiazolinone chloro, methyl isothiazolinone.

I have not yet tried this shampoo, but I am already curious about it. Hence, I will attempt to test it, to see if the claims and raves about it are really true. Well, I hope my hair turns out softer, smoother and better than before (crosses fingers and prays hard). But if there's anyone who has already tried this shampoo and it worked (or not) for you do let us know!
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