Billy Elliot - The Musical

I went to see Billy Elliot the musical while I was in London, and honestly the price to pay is worth it!
Billy Elliot is the story of a young 10 year old boy who comes from a lower class Family, who struggles to win money. The story takes place in the 70s where time became harder for the lower class people because of the political changes. (Margaret Thatcher). Billy's father works in the mines and he is on strike like all the miners of the community. His mother is dead and Billy miss her a lot. He takes up boxing lessons but he is more attracted by the ballet class. The teacher finds that he has got talent and trains Billy despite the father's restrictions. Billy wants to integrate the London's Dancing school and tries his best to succeed.
This is a very good play, although the Cockney spoken is very difficult to understand (especially if you are a foreigner). The comedian acting Billy has a really big talent in dancing ballet with or without tapping shoes.

The story oscillates between tragedy and comedy being sometimes even a bit satirical in a way. But I really enjoyed this play and if ever you happen to visit London one day, I advise you to go and see this play.
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