Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa 2012 Staycation (2D/1N): Deluxe Room Review

Update: The hotel was renamed Le Meridien  and in late October 2020 Le Meridien Hotel and Spa on Sentosa Island in Singapore announced that it was closing its doors, and re-opening as Oasia Resort Sentosa.
Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
Signboard 60m before the entrance
Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
Check-in was a breeze. The booking was made via a third party, but service was not compromised. We arrived at about 3.30pm. With Chinese New Year around the corner, the hotel was decked out in festivities. The front desk personnel were polite and service-oriented, greeting us with a smile and opening the doors.

Moevenpick Mango Ice-cream
What's left of the complimentary ice-cream...
Upon arrival, we were even given 2 cups of complimentary Moevenpick (mango flavored) ice cream! We were given 2 room keys and complimentary Sentosa Express tickets valid for 3 days.

One thing to note is that they request for your credit card for a S$100 deposit, which would be returned to you in a week if you have not used it for services such as the mini-bar and room service etc…

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe room View
Not much of a view l
Our room was on the 5th floor in the contemporary wing as the heritage wing is still under construction. It had easy access to the swimming pool. As stated on Tripadvisor reviews, there isn’t much of a view at the Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa, but this is a good hotel to stay if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While the room may not be huge, it is cozy and big enough for two people. And by Singapore standards, it certainly isn't tiny. The hotel did accede to my request of a room with a 'sea view', though it really wasn't much of a view with the construction going on.

The hotel is conveniently situated close to a Sentosa express Imbiah Station. The hotel is also within walking distance to Universal Studios or the Resorts World casino.

Merlion view at the Imbiah Station
Merlion view while walking to the Imbiah Station
There are still only 8 sun beds, but that did not bother us, as there wasn’t that many people when we were there. Perhaps it was off-peak season or there were just fewer people at 5 in the evening, but whatever the case, it turned out fine for us. The pool looks pretty with its fish tank like feel to it. As the water keeps on moving the water remains cold unlike other pools where your body temperature would adjust to the pool’s water temperature. But it was a fun experience overall. Towels are available at the corner.

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Dining
Dining area one level above the pool

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Swimming Pool
Swimming pool at night

The bedroom has electric blinds, plasma TV, an excellent coffee making machine and a really nice bathtub! The bathroom has a stall for the shower and toilet separately; it was also equipped with necessities like cotton buds, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, cotton/oval squares, and shaving kit were provided in a cute dim sum bamboo steamer.

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Beds
The comfortable bed!
 Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room AmenitiesMoevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Amenities

For the other toiletries like body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and hand soap the hotel uses the Miller Harris perfume London series, very citrusy smell. One thing to note, the toiletdoor is translucent and under certain lighting conditions you can actually see what your friend/partner is doing in the bathroom. So only book this hotel with people you are comfortable with.

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room BathroomMoevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room BathroomMoevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Bathroom
Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room BathtubMoevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Bathtub

The yukata provided by the hotel was very comfortable and the bed, simply wonderful! There were 3 types of pillows, hard, medium and soft and the bed was really comfortable as well. We almost did not want to wake up for breakfast, as the bed was too nice.

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Amenities
Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Amenities
The room comes equipped with its own iron, iron board and torch light. And you just need to press a button to indicate if you want your room to be made up or if you do not want to be disturbed. The newspaper was also delivered “quietly”, placed on your doorknob from the outside; it was a pleasant surprise. There were no issues with the card key and the door opened easily. There was also complimentary 4 capsules daily for the The Nespresso machine and TWG tea! The bedroom slippers were also a nice touch.

Noise insulation wise, it was ok. We could not hear noises coming from the rooms surrounding us, but we could hear people of they were talking very loudly when they walked past the room along the corridor.

Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa

Room service was available as the menu was in the room, however there is no direct number to call. There is not much variety for TV channels, it is quite limited to local channels, sports and news. It would be nice if they had other channels.
Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa
The booking did include breakfast, so we decided to include breakfast, which cost about S$29 per person. According to the staff, if you walked in and went for the breakfast buffet, it would actually cost S$40!

Breakfast was ok, there was variety but nothing really stood out. I liked the omelets which were cooked on the spot for you and you could choose the kind of ingredients you want to go with it. The breakfast is a good option for those who want something hearty and are lazy to leave the hotel in search for breakfast. Otherwise there is a KFC outlet nearby the vicinity. The breakfast buffet begins at 7am and ends at 10.30am with options such as:
  • Breads (croissants, scones, cinnamon rolls etc…)
  • A variety of cereals 
  • Smoked salmon 
  • Salad 
  • Apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, fresh milk, tea, coffee 
  • Fish porridge 
  • Chicken sausage 
  • Fruits such as honeydew, dragon fruit, lychee etc...
  • Omelet cooked on the spot for you (the only thing that is served hot) 
 Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa BreakfastMoevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa Breakfast

We did a little exploring around the hotel and discovered that the corridors on the lower floors were considerable dimmer, so try to get a higher-level room if possible. Deluxe rooms highest floor is Level 5, while level 6 is floor is the hotel’s Club Rooms. And the ballroom was decked out in red!

Check-out was a pleasant affair, no rushed calls from the reception to hurry us even though it was already after 12pm. Overall, a pleasant, simply and relaxing stay. Definitely will go back again when the whole hotel is done up! It was a pretty eventful 1st staycation for 2012 at a 5 star hotel in Singapore.
  1. Service             
  2. Value                
  3. Sleep Quality       
  4. Cleanliness       
  5. Location            
  6. Rooms              
  7. Breakfast          
    Overall Experience:

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