Applying for EZ-Reload with POSB Everyday (Credit) Card

I have decided to apply for the EZ-Reload which allows my ez-link card to automatically revalue itself when its stored value falls to zero or below when it is used on buses, the MRT or LRT, at an administrative fee of S$0.25. With the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card there is a 2% rebate, which would work out to be about $0.75 per pre-set top-up value of S$50. The pre-set top-up value has a range of S$20 with S$10 increment until S$50. No matter the pre-set top-up value that is selected there will be an administrative fee of $0.25. So with the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card, I would actually be “earning” about $0.75 in cash rebate for each top-up. Seems like a good deal, it saves me time from queuing and is convenient. Though I don’t travel much, this can help me keep track of how much I use and I can carry one less card around with as the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card works as an ez-link card, no need to carry an extra ez-link card.

According to the EZ-Link website, there are various credit cards that can offer up to 7% rebates in EZ-Reload transactions. But for now, I think the POSB Everyday (Credit) Card would suffice. The process is simply enough, you go to the EZ-Link website and apply for the EZ-Link Reload by selecting the type of credit card you have. You can also choose to top-up via GIRO, but if you can have rebates with your credit card, it seems like a better option. Once you have input your details and submitted the application, the selected pre-set top-up cannot be amended anymore. An email will be sent to your mailbox and the instructions on how to check your application status and activate the function seems to be simple enough.

Of course with the benefits, there are cons as well. With so many features being made available on one card, it is important not to lose the card as you would have to cancel both the EZ-Link feature and credit card separately. Not really recommended for people who have a history of losing/misplacing things. The other con would be, as with all promotions, no one can truly say how long the rebate offer will last until. But with more and more banks joining, I think it would be around for some time and worth a try. For now I will wait for the confirmation email….
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