Influence of Western Culture on Singapore

Singaporeans strive to combine the best parts of Asian philosophy with the best parts of Western philosophy, where ‘respect for the individual’ (Western view) is secured and protected within the ‘support of the system of the group’ (Asian view). Thus, modern Singaporeans are adopting and adapting many Western ways to suit their traditional Asian values. But, alas, not all are beneficial.

It was when the British colonized Singapore in earlier times; that Singapore came under the influence of western influence. In this case, it was British culture, which still can be seen around Singapore today. Two very good examples would be that Singaporeans have adopted the British way of writing and style of governing.

Whilst Singapore progresses into a new millennia, the more prominent culture that influences Singaporeans these days is American Culture. Thus, Western culture has become the basic force impelling nation-states, like Singapore, towards globalisation. Because...Read more »
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