FUJIFILM Instax Mini 7S Instant Film Camera

Instant cameras never captured my attention... until now. I happened to come across a newspaper advertisement about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S. I remembered that my friend used to own a Polaroid, when I asked her if she still used it, she told me that it could not be used anymore. Apparently the Polaroid is not longer in production. As her birthday is coming (Feb), I was "inspired" to get this for her.

However, while getting it for her, I was tempted and ended up getting one for myself as well. The idea of seeing the photo develop in front of my eyes seemed like an interesting idea. I think if you buy it from the authorized dealers, a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S costs about S$119-149. With the ongoing promotion, I purchased a blue and pink one at S$129 each with a packet of 10 film in a cartridge.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Front
Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Top View

Of course, being an instant rather than a digital camera many things about it are manual (e.g. you have to pull/push the lens out/in to power it), and the size can be a bulky when compared to digital cameras. But who wants to compare the two anyways? The downside to this is that you cannot “print” multiple photos, unless you scan them, the chance of losing the photos, and too bad if you took a bad photo (wasted film).

Once the camera was in my hands, I tested it indoors (only 2 because of the limited film I have on hand) with my dog as the subject. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S functions with 4 AA batteries (included) in the box, and has a built-in flash (the flash fires for all pictures). It is 119.5(W) x 121.5(H) x 70.5(D) mm, weighs at 320g (without batteries, strap and film) and can only use FUJIFILM Instant Color Film “ instax mini ”.

The photo on the left was taken with Fine setting and the one on the right with Indoors settings
Setting up the camera is super-easy, simply open the back, to place the film cartridge and close the camera lid! Once the film cartridge is in, pull out the lens to power on your camera on (push it back in to turn off). Select one of four settings (Indoor, Cloudy, Fine, Clear), point and then shoot. It is that simple! The photos that are churned out have a retro feel to it and pretty fun, it is great for scrapbooking or putting it into your wallet as it is credit card sized.

Do note that the first photo you take with your camera after putting in the film cartridge will be the back of the film pack. Your second shot will be a business card sized picture that feeds out of the top of the camera.

Overall, I am loving my new purchase! I already ordered a pack of 50 films, a casing for the camera and some deco pens from ebay. The film might be expensive, but it is worth the fun and 'instant' photos.

Prices of Fujifilm’s instant cameras and film are taken from ClubSnap, the film is pretty expensive as you can see from below:

Cost of Instant Cameras
  • Instax mini 7S Blue/pink           - S$119
  • Instax mini 7S White                 - S$149
  • Instax mini 210 (Black) (wide) - S$169
  • Instax mini 55i (gray with blue) - S$179
Cost of Film
  • Film (mini)                - S$12.90 to $14.90
  • Film (wide)                - S$16.90 to $18
  • Film (mini - cartoon) - S$14.90 to $16.90
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