Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小厨 @ Tampines Mall

Crystal Jade Kitchen is a Cantonese Restaurant that has many outlets throughout Singapore. I have only been to the Tampines Mall outlet, and I like the ambiance and the service. Service is prompt and the staff are friendly and helpful. I usually end up going here on weekends with my mom or with friends, and the service that have been rendered is impeccable and consistent (so far).

The waitresses/waiters would offer to pour our tea for us if they notice that the cup is almost empty, and offer to add on more hot water to the pot of tea. They are initiative and fast (efficient) in getting your order, serving and clearing the food. Now this is worth what you pay the 10% service charge, unlike some other places (e.g. Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao @ Marina Square) where you have to pay that 10% extra for service charge but the service rendered is practically non-existent; you might even be ignored and snapped at by a surly waitress if you were to ask if you could sit somewhere else.

The dim sum that is sold here is nice, we usually have the chicken feet (cold dish and/or braised), siu mai, hau kau, carrot cake, a rice or noodle to be shared, cha siew buns and other yummy dishes.

If you are looking for some nice quiet ambiance, this would not be the restaurant for you as there is alot of activity going on and it can get very noisy with the tables not that far apart from each other, and patrons sometimes talking a little loud for comfort.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
4 Tampines Central 5 #B1-11 Tampines Mall Singapore, 529510
Tel: +65 67880633
Fax: +65 67880622
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  1. Oh I tried the one at Holland Village ! It's good too :)

    1. Yes the one in Holland Village is good too. Haven't been there for some time already though :)