Canon Pixma Arts & Craft Series: Of Birthdays and Scrap Booking

I have to admit, ever since using my Canon Pixma MG3170, I am starting to look for every opportunity to try it out. And really, creating (even personalizing) crafts that are practical and fun (or just the latter) has never been easier: all it takes is print out the template you are happy with or get inspiration from either Canon Creative Park or Canon Pixma Town, print your chosen templates, cut them according to the ‘lines’ and the rest is a matter of following the instructions and using your imagination! You just have to make sure that you have enough paper, printer ink and glue/tape to last you.

Since DramaQueen’s birthday is coming up, what can be more heartwarming and touching than a “handmade” card right?

1. Tokidoki Birthday Card

What is a birthday greeting without a birthday card?

After browsing through the available templates, I decided to do something simple. So Tokidoki Birthday Card it was. Doesn’t the template look simply adorable? ^^

This is a simple and straight forward card, you just need to print it out, cut it and fold into half.

Printing in progress!
The card!

Of course, if you are more adventurous and have more time on your hands you could try out the more challenging 3-D cards and such.

2. Plain White Envelope Template

Next up would be the envelope for the card. It would have been better if there was a Tokidoki envelope to go with the card.

What I love about Canon Creative Park is that you can even create your own envelopes. There are so many templates and cute designs to choose from!

Since I wanted to save printer ink something simple, I decided to go with a plain white envelope, which requires two pieces of A4 Canon Matte Paper cut and glued/taped together.

3. 3-D Sticker: Ribbon – Pink

Seeing as the white envelope was a tad too plain, I wanted to spazz it up a bit. And so this 3-D  ribbon template was printed and created.  I only used the pink one. It is actually pretty fun cutting out the ribbon shapes and gluing them together. Don’t worry if you think it looks complicated. There are instructions that come along with it to guide you along step by step.

After all that hard work printing, cutting, folding and pasting, I present to you the final birthday card and envelope!

Pretty card!
I quite like the ribbon :)

So there you have it, a personalized birthday card. There are so many ways you can customize and make that very unique card! You are only limited by your imagination. 

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