The Learning Journey: In a Blink of an Eye

It’s already been almost half a year since I started on those Korean lessons and it is yet time for another test to level up. So far it has been a pretty enriching experience, and it still amazes me how wondrous the brain can work (remembering all those words and characters for a different language). I have always wanted to write a post on what I’ve actually been learning with all the tenses and stuff, but I guess I am just not that conscientious a student after all. In fact, I have to burn some ‘oil’ for the upcoming test (can’t let that money go to waste!).

Tests aside, it has really been an interesting learning journey, not only about a new language and its progress/process, but also about friendships and human interactions. I am thankful that my classmates are nice and we have bonded well. It is not that often that people of various age groups are able to come together, are spontaneous (actually plan surprise birthday parties and go for concerts together etc...) and even encourage each other in learning the language; especially when taking lessons for leisure in a private school.

Happy Birthday in korean

Even the teacher is nice: she’s patient and encouraging (I’m somewhat ‘shy’, so it takes for me to ‘warm’ up and she has been instrumental in helping me get out of my ‘shell’). She also is very good at explaining usage of the Korean language (since my class apparently has the most questions and asks the weirdest ones too).

With the basic level 2 coming to an end, all of us were happily assuming that the teacher would be seeing us through to at least the intermediate level or more (?). So it come as a shock when she said she had to take a long break and would not be there for our next level. You could literally feel the shock and disappointment in the air; even the staff who came in to check who would be continuing on to the next level was stunned at the news and our adverse reaction (even joking that if the teacher is not there, we weren’t motivated to continue). It took a couple of minutes for the fact to sink in.

After recovering from the shock, we asked why and when. The next thing we did? Why plan for a farewell party for the teacher of course. I really like the togetherness and camaraderie (and did I mention the spontaneous-ness?) of this class. So if you guys stumble upon this post, you guys are the best... 선생님 도! ^^

On a side note: the class will remain on the same day and continue with a new teacher so long as there are at least 6 students to continue on to the next level. No worries there since practically all of us are continuing on (I think/hope). Hence, we are praying hard that everything will work out for the teacher and still holding onto the hope that she will come back to teach us at some point or the other (hopefully in time for the intermediate level). For now, we can only hope and pray that we get a good teacher for the interim. In the meanwhile, a farewell party is already in the works and that will have to do for now.

Life after all is about comings and goings, but as long you make that effort to keep in touch and connect, I think that’s what really matters the most; everything else is just life’s learning lessons.

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