Canon Pixma Arts & Craft Series: Bow Wow Scrapbook Photo Frame

After the simple attempt at the message card, I decided to do something more challenging. For this mini project, my inspiration came from the templates found at the Canon Creative Park website. With so many categories, I am sure there is one that calls out to you (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, pets, etc...).

I decided to make my very own personalized Pet Scrapbook Photo Frame. What is a scrapbook photo frame? Well (in my definition), it is a combination of a scrapbook and is in essence a photo frame that can be displayed anywhere you want. The templates used were for this particular one (to make it easier and save you time, if you want to use the same ones, you can just click on the image to bring you directly to them) are as follows:

Scrapbook Template
Borders for decoration
Dog tags for decoration

After print out all the templates and photo, it is time to begin!

As you can see (below), after cutting along the lines for the scrapbook templates it is made easier with the numbering for you to paste the scrapbook parts. It is pretty straightforward stuff. Once the cutouts are done, it is time for pasting!

Getting the pieces in place and ready to paste!

I used the thicker borders (brown and yellow) for the base, but I realized it's good to have a more 'stable' (wider) base to support the photo.

Self-attempted attempt at trying to make a base for the scrap-book page
What I wanted it to look like.... (the brown border is behind - use your imagination!)

After a little bit of tinkering here and there to get the result I wanted (more or less)... ta dah!

Final product in use!

After creating this, I think I have hidden talent in cutting out shapes (don't they look neat?). Though I am not that satisfied with the base, I am pretty happy with the overall final (not to mention first-time) product! :)

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