Dim Sum for Lunch at Canton Paradise (The Star) - The Sequel

Canton Paradise (The Star)

It was around lunch time so Mmy and I decided to have the dim sum at Canton Paradise; finally  experiencing the queue system at Canton Paradise during lunch time on a busy weekday. It was bustling with activity and patrons awaiting for their number to be called. I find the system pretty interesting and notice that it is a growing trend, particularly amongst Asian/Chinese restaurants. The only gripe I have is the with the numbers not being necessarily called in sequence might cause a (little?) disgruntlement and  confusion when there are many people crowding, but that's just a minor thing. Whatever ways to handle crowd management is good a thing, the most important thing is that the staff are able to placate waiting (patient and understanding) patrons and that they are efficient.

Canton Paradise (The Star)
It took about 30 minutes (or lesser) to get a seat

It was a pretty good experience from the time we had to wait, ushered in, ordered our food and waited for it; fast and efficient. The food that I had the first time I was there was pretty memorable especially the Prawn and Mango Fritter and Chee Cheong Fun with Fritters. Of course, with only two persons instead of four this, the food ordered was lesser in quantity but at least I finally got to try the crispy char siew bao and custard bun! Just looking at the photos again is enough to make me hungry. 

Chee Cheong Fun with Fritters
Chee Cheong Fun with Fritters @ S$4.20: This is going to be one of my favorites! ^^
Prawn and Mango Fritter @ S$5.20: I quite like this combination of the prawn and mango infused with some mayo, but it was better and prettier looking the first time I had this.
har kau
Har Kau @ S$5.20: Pretty standard har kau with translucent moist skin enveloping fresh piece(s) of prawn.
Fried Radish Cake
Fried Radish Cake @ S$3.90: The fried radish, or carrot cake, was nice. It was not too oily and had just the right amount of flavor to it.
Custard Bun
Custard Bun @ S$5.20: This was certainly a delight: soft fluffy bun encasing warm savory/sweet with a
tinge of saltiness (from salted egg) paste-like sauce
fried/baked char siew bao
Crispy char siew bao @ S$4.80:  I much prefer this over its steamed counterpart (at least here)

Canton Paradise

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-45/46
Singapore 138617

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