Accommodation in Scotland: B&B and Hostels

During our stay in Scotland, as we were on a student's budget, we mainly slept in two types of accommodations, B&Bs (a.ka. Bed and Breakfasts) and hostels.

* B&Bs (Bread & Breakfasts)

B&B are basically houses owned by a couple or a family, sort of guest house if you like, where you are given a room and breakfast every morning. You have to take care of your own lunch and dinner. The price ranges depend on the house, you can get good deal for £25 per person per night up to very high prices.

It is important to look at the location of the B&B and its distance from the bus or train station. Of course, it is preferable to pay a little more and to have one that is a 5 minutes walk from a bus stop or near the center to save on transportation costs.

We stayed in 2 B&Bs during our trip, Old Pier House and Bennevis Guest House in Fort William.

1. Old Pier House

Old Pier House

Old Pier House, located in Fort Augustus was our first B&B. It is owned by a Mackenzie - a very ancient Scottish clan. The house is located 5 minutes from Fort Augustus Bus Stop and has a splendid view on the Loch Ness. You can either have a room in the main house or a small private cabine. There are three horses in the B&B and it is surrounded by greenery, small ponds, the Loch Ness. I can tell you that a stay there will bring you peace and harmony with nature :)

Old Pier House
Old Pier House

2. Bennevis Guest House

The second B&B, Bennevis Guest House is in Fort William. But to be more precise, it is located at Corpack - a small commune not far from Fort William. Upon arrival, we were given a very warm welcome by the couple who own this wonder of a guest house.

The rooms are very comfortable and decorated with taste, and the bathrooms are very clean so are the rooms. The house is located not far from the harbor (Caledonian Canal), which is nice to see and to have a walk. To get to the guest house (if you do not have a car), just take a local bus and you will be there in about 15-20 minutes. It is a very charming little house, too bad we only stayed one night.

* Hostels

Hostels, similar in name (well, almost) to hotels. They can be considered cheap "hotels". You get a room, usually in mixed or same gender rooms of 4 to 12 people. All you get for that price is a bed (and the opportunity to make some new friends and save some money!). Usually they offer free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. You can also cook in the kitchen or eat out. Depending on the type of hostel you go to, you can find small and cosy ones but also big and more formal ones. 

We stayed in 3 different hostels


1. Caledonian Backpackers

Caledonian Backpackers, was the first for a night's stay in Edinburgh. It was a small cosy and sort of "hippie" kind of hostel. The people at the reception were very welcoming, we had to check-in and they gave us a key to a room with a bed. We were also given a (security) card which enabled us to come in and out of the hostel. For such a short stay, it was very comfortable enough and it is not bad at all with rooms at about £14 per night.  

2. Youth Hostel

Youth Hostel was the second hostel located at Broadford on the Isle of Skye. It is about a 7-10 minutes walk from the bus stop. This hostel was bigger than Caledonian Backpackers and bit more formal with modern architecture and decoration. The only downside is that you have to pay for Wifi (at about £3/per hour which is expensive) compared to other hostels where the internet is free. The rooms were about £18 per night. However, it is a practical location to explore the surroundings as you can take the bus from there to Elgol

3. Castle Rock Hostel

Castle Rock Hostel, in Edinburgh, was where we stayed on our return trip. This hostel has a medieval 'feel' to it and is located near the Castle (it is just 2-5 minutes away). The interior is really amazing, decorated as if you were sleeping in a castle, with armor, brick walls and so forth. It is a young hostel where you have a big lounge, an area for internet, and even a kitchen. The rooms are also very good, with views on the castle. The rooms cost between £14 to £17 per person per night.


In conclusion, the accommodations we stayed during our trip were the less expensive ones. Of course if your budget is higher, you can choose to sleep in hotels or more expensive B&Bs. In addition, the people in Scotland are very friendly and welcoming, so you do not have to feel scared or shy!

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