Summer Holidays: My 7 Days in Scotland Overview

Scotland, bestowed with green spaces, highlands and islands, a paradise for nature lovers and those who love to hiking and the various outdoor activities.


Finally, it is my turn to share my travel experiences! It has been some time since my last post and since exams are over, my friend and I decided to spend a week (12-20 June) in Scotland for the summer holidays. :)

Being students, this was a trip on a budget with the costs for accommodation and transportation being as affordable as possible. Ancient forests (checked), secluded lochs (checked), interesting cliffs and crags (checked).

So with our student's budget, we embarked on our adventure to see a little bit of Scotland during our time there. From Birmingham, we went to Edinburgh, then to Inverness / Fort Augustus where the rumored Loch Ness resides, to Fort William and Isle of Skye and back to Edinburgh before heading back to Birmingham.

Could the Loch Ness really exist?


As neither of us could drive, we traveled through Scotland using public transportation such as coaches and trains.

An Introduction to Scotland


For the accommodations, we booked really cheap Bed & Breakfasts accommodations and also nice hostels.

I will be  sharing with you in separate posts for each of the areas of the trip:

So please stay tuned to my installations! ^^

What lies beyond the mist?

Without taking personal expenses into account (e.g. souvenirs, shopping and food), in total I spent  about £550 which works out to be about £78 per day.

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