Harry Potter the Exhibition in Singapore

Harry Potter : The Exhibition in Singapore

This exhibition is a must for Harry Potter fans! It is held at the Artscience Museum at Marina Bay Sands from 02 June to 30 September 2012. The tickets can be bought online, but you still have to physically collect the tickets, or bought on the spot. Tickets are sold in hour blocks, which means that if you purchase the 1000-1159 slot, you can enter within that time and once you are inside, can stay for as long as you want.

Artscience Museum
Pretty lotus pond outside the Artscience Museum
Artscience Museum
Artscience Museum Entrance
Harry Potter : The Exhibition in Singapore
Harry Potter : The Exhibition in Singapore
Until 27 August 2012, there was an ongoing promotion where you can have the chance to see the Andy Warhol Art Exhibition for free together with the Harry Potter exhibition. All you had to do was take a photo with some boxes (per person) and that entitled you to free entry to the Andy Warhol Art Exhibition.

Tickets are priced at S$24 per adult, there is a discount for Singaporeans (just S$4 but better than nothing).

Harry Potter : The Exhibition in Singapore
 Harry Potter : The Exhibition in Singapore

It is a short exhibition which showcases all the different accessories, equipments, costumes (although I am not certain that all of them are authentic) that were used in the movies. 

For example the wands, creatures like Aragog, Dementors, Dragon, Faukes the phoenix, the students ball gounds in the fourth movie, the school books, the Quidditch costumes. Cameras are not allowed in the exhibition so I cannot show you what I saw in it.

The exhibition is quite short, but Harry Potter fans would like it. Before entering, a photograph is taken of you in front of a green screen with a Griffondor's scarf and you can collect, photos of you with different backgrounds in the souvenir shop.

1 photo = $S20

3 photos + softcopy = $S50

The souvenirs, however, are a bit too expensive and not outstanding; the products are not worth the price.

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