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Hello Kitty Sweets Café

When our tour of Taipei 101 concluded, we made our way down to Hello Kitty Sweets Café Taipei for dinner. It is approximately a 10 minute walking distance from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT (Exit 3), and relatively easy to get to from Taipei 101. We took the free shuttle from Taipei 101 back to Taipei Main City Hall MRT Station. From Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT (Exit 3), walk straight and turn right at the small street junction. It is about 2-3 stores away from the small street junction.

Hello Kitty Sweets Café
Hello Kitty Sweets Café Entrance
After some researching, it seems that Hello Kitty Sweets Café Taipei is a pretty popular place and is always crowded. According to reviews on Trip Advisor and blogs, many people mentioned that they did not make any reservations and went there early to “try their luck”. So in order to actually dine there without any issues or frustrations, our reservation was made (via email). The reservation process was simple and fast - all was settled within a week. Do note that once you make reservations, your reservation is held for only 10 minutes from the time you reserved and you have a limit of 1.5 hours for dining.

Hello Kitty Sweets Café

Based on the Tripadvisor reviews, service could vary depending on the crowd and the timing you go, but when we were there for dinner service was good and attentive. We were about 30 minutes early for our appointment, but were warmly and instantly ushered to the 2nd floor once we arrived.

Once we were seated, we were informed that there is a NT$300 minimum spend, but you can easily achieve that amount during lunch and dinner times. During the day, the café serves only tea and desserts so unless you have a really sweet tooth to be able to hit the minimum amount.

Hello Kitty Sweets Café
Seating in the cafe
If you have a party of more than 2 persons, you get to sit at the “prettier” seats which can accommodate more people. But I am not complaining, the seat we got was just as adorable as the rest of them.
Hello Kitty Sweets Café
Our table
For dinner, I had the White Wine and Mussels Sphaghetti with smoked salmon as an appetizer, salad with vinegar dressing, iced lemon red tea and dessert (pudding) for NT$400. DramaQueen had for the Baked Seafood rice with smoked duck as an appetizer, salad with a salad dressing, iced lemon red tea and dessert (pudding) for NT$500. Both sets came with soup that was unmemorable, like it came out of a can.

Hello Kitty Sweets Café Menu
White Wine and Mussels Spaghetti with smoked salmon as an appetizer, salad with vinegar dressing
Hello Kitty Sweets Café Menu
Baked Seafood rice with smoked duck as an appetizer, salad with a salad dressing
Hello Kitty Sweets Café Menu
Cute bread served warm and iced lemon red tea
Hello Kitty Sweets Café Menu

The food was alright, it was palatable and the ingredients used were fresh. The spaghetti was not overcooked and had a nice springy (chewy) texture to it and the mussels were fresh. DramaQueen’s baked rice was full of cheesy goodness, while the pudding had a subtle flavor and was not overly sweet. The complimentary bread that was served had a cute Hello Kitty mark on it and was warm and fresh.

Whether you love Hello Kitty or not, I think this café is pretty cute and everything is in pink! While pink may not be my favorite color, I think it can look nice (sometimes and depending on the shade). DramaQueen, on the other hand, loves anything and everything sweet and pink. So it was a memorable and interesting experience for us.

We had a great time at the restaurant and left full, satisfied with both the food and the kitty cute décor. Even the (female) toilet was decked out in Hello Kitty décor!

Hello Kitty Sweets Café toilet
Pink, pink pink!
And did I mention the waiters, yes not only were the waitresses decked out in pink, there were waiters that were decked out in pink practically from head to toe and still managed to look good in (Hello Kitty) pink. Service was commendable, our plates were cleared when we finished (they politely asked us each time if they could clear the plates), orders promptly taken down and food served in a reasonable amount of time (though the baked rice might take some time as it needs to be well, baked).

You might think that the price of your ordered item is expensive, but considering that it is a set that includes salad, bread roll, soup, appetizer, pudding and a drink, it is quite reasonable. The total bill was NT$990 with 10% service charge, which I think I pretty reasonable for a themed café and much cheaper than if it were in Singapore. The menu is only in Mandarin but there are photos for illustration, to help those who cannot read Mandarin. Payment was made on the first floor cashier.

After the satisfying dinner, it was off to the SOGO at Zhongxiao Fuxing for some retail therapy before calling it a night.

Hello Kitty Sweets Café
The pink Hello Kitty folder the bill came in
Hello Kitty Sweets Café
Hello Kitty Sweets Café
Seats on the first floor
Hello Kitty Sweets Café
The Hello Kitty items on sale.


Address: 台北市大安路一段90號 / No. 90 Section 1 Dà'ān Road, Daan District, Taipei City

Website: http://www.hellokittysweets.com.tw/

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  1. looks like you had a fun trip! a visit to hello kitty sweets is definitely for the experience rather than the food.

    1. Yes it was a fun trip! Visiting any theme restaurant is always for the experience and a plus if the food is nice. ^^

  2. Hi, i couldnt seems to find the email add to book the hello kitty cafe.

  3. May I know the appetizer options for the set menu? and the salad is it just standard? Sorry can't find anything on their site for the option. I don't know chinese :(

    1. The menu can be found here http://www.hellokittysweets.com.tw/images/menu_ch.pdf

      As the saying goes a picture can say a thousand words ^^, but anyways...(in order of the pdf menu left to right)

      Appetizers according to the menu the last I checked are (1-3 first row, 4-6 second row on the pdf menu):
      1) Escargot (essentially snails) :p
      2) Foie gras
      3) Smoked Salmon
      4) Smoked Duck
      5) Roast Beef
      6) Squid

      The salad is standard and not that big a portion, but you do get a choice of 4 salad dressings:
      1) 和風酱 not sure what it is called in English
      2) vinaigrette dressing
      3) their own customized salad dressing
      4) thousand island dressing

      Hope it helps! :)

  4. Hello kitty🐱, pink, sweet and lovely!