Paris Summer Sales 2012

When we arrived in Paris in late June, little did we know that it was actually the first day of the summer sales. What perfect timing! According to the Paris Tourism website, the summer sales for 2012 in Paris start from June 27 and end to July 31 2012. The sales, also known as soldes, last for six weeks and prices are gradually slashed over the course of the sales period (every shopaholics' dream – not to say that I am one of course): every shop, department stores, boutiques, designer outlets clear out items from the previous season.

Paris Summer SalesAs we were staying somewhere in the city center, no matter which corner we turned there were signs that said “Soldes”! Seriously, we walked the whole day and did not seem to be tired at all, I don’t think that having longer days in summer helps either. With the sun taking a longer time to hide behind the clouds, the usual feeling of tiredness when evening (and darkness) descends seems to have artificially disappeared somewhere.

If you are into branded/luxury goods then the summer sales are one of the best rewards of visiting Paris in July, besides the warm weather and beautiful parks. During this period there are discounts galore from big name designers and trendy department stores all the way to popular French chain stores and charming boutiques. Your eyes will only see soldes soldes soldes at every corner. 

Paris Summer Sales

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