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Grand View Resort Beitou
The Grand View Resort Beitou is a 5 star resort located in Beitou and definitely not one of the cheaper options for accommodations or just to enjoy the hot springs, however it is one of the places you get to pamper yourself. Not only does the resort offer rooms with your own personal hot spring bath, but also access to its public baths along with its serene surroundings.

Grand View Resort Beitou
Grand View Resort Beitou Entrance
Besides accommodation, the resort also provides facilities like public and private hot springs, a gym, and two restaurants (one Western and the other Chinese). The resort is located on the hill top, surrounded by greenery, where the air is fresh and cool. Instead of staying at the resort, we opted for a private hot spring room for the earlier part of the day. We took the complimentary shuttle at the Beitou MRT Station.

How to get there:

Reservation for the private hot spring room was easily accomplished through email and it took about a week to finalize. The resort also has a complimentary shuttle service from the Beitou MRT Station to the resort and vice versa. So it is very convenient.

You can arrange for the complimentary shuttle provided by the resort or you can take other public transportation, for more travel options on the website (see below)

Address: No.30 Youya Road, Beitou District, Taipei 112, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2898-8888
Fax: +886-2-2898-8808

Private Hot Spring Room 

The resort has 8 private hot spring rooms, with each room consisting of a hot spring, resting area, bathroom, and shower. The rooms are differentiated by price and room size. The opening time is from 07:00-22:00, and the last admission time is 20:00. You can email the resort or check out the website for the rates of the private hot spring rooms. At the time of our reservation, there was an ongoing promotion for 20% off rates.
Grand View Resort Beitou Hot Springs Room
Entrance and lobby to the private hot springs
Everything was organized, clean and the staff was more than helpful. Service really does make a difference, adding a feeling of being pampered. Upon entering the room, there were snacks and bottle(s) of water for guests.

The snack was handmade yogurt. Don't be deceived by the sweet packaging, it was really sour but it tasted good after the hot springs. ^^
Grand View Resort Beitou Yogurt
Yogurt delight ^^
Grand View Resort Beitou Private Hotsprings
Private hot spring room amenities
Grand View Resort Beitou Private Hotsprings
Hot springs!!!

After the hot springs, we started to get hungry. I guess that's what lingering at the hot springs does to you. So it was off to try out the resort's French resturant C' est Bon!

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  1. Hot spring with great service.. Like a princess.. Haha

  2. Nice review (including the video)! My family and I will be going to Taiwan in 10 days time, we are wondering if the private hot spring has its private shower area (is it the one next to the toliet - in the video)?

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi mygeekjourney! Thanks :)

      Yes, the private hot spring room has a private shower area (next to the toilet in a separate stall).

      Enjoy your trip!

    2. I see, thanks for your help :)))

    3. :) You are welcome. Glad I could help. ^^

  3. Hi, thanks for the review :)

    May I know what is the duration of your booking ? Are charges by the hour? Thanks!

    1. Depending on the type of room, the initial booking is either in blocks of 90-120 minutes, after which there are hour charges ranging from 1000-1800NT. Best is to email them at or to ask for the current rates and duration, and also if there are any promotions in Summer!

    2. Thanks! I've emailed them and they have responded very quickly :)