Singtel Bridge DataRoam Pricing (w.e.f. 02 August)

Having applied for the Singtel Bridge DataRoam plan for 5 days when I went to Paris a couple of months ago, I decided to do the same for this upcoming trip to Taiwan to see how good it is. During the time in Paris, the reception was bad (or really near to almost non-existent) but I decided to give it another go again for an upcoming trip to Taiwan. France, being a non-bridge alliance country costs more than bridge alliance countries (such as Taiwan). For example, a 5 day plan for France was S$100 and Taiwan was $60. Well, it was S$60 until 02 August 2012.
With effect from 01 August 2012, the pricing for bridge alliance countries has increased. So now instead of having to pay S$60 for 5 days, it is now S$70 for 5 days. The pricing for the non-bridge alliance countries seems to be the same. 

However displeased I was with the (sudden? and seemingly gradual) price increase, I still decided to go ahead but the 3 day plan at S$42 instead (before it increases . At least I get to use the remaining S$18 from the budget for something else (e.g. making some phone calls or something else), and hopefully reception is good.

Yes, getting a SIM card upon arrival in Taiwan (or any country for that matter) would be easier and less of a hassle, but for the sake of convenience and not having to accumulate more cards/phones there’s no harm in trying out the plan once (in a country) to see how it goes before giving any verdict; might as well try to see how well it works for future reference.

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