Basics of Booking Hotels Online

With the advancement of technology and accessibility of the internet, booking accommodation for your trip has never been easier. Especially with the discounts or promotions that various third party websites as well as the hotels’ own website have to offer, booking and communication have never been easier.

Hotellook is a good place to start looking for hotel deals. It is a good site for comparison of prices as it pulls the data from various third party websites and gives you an overview of the various rates. Besides Hotellook, you should also check out the hotel’s own website for a better price overview. Of course, with the many sites on the internet, you can always check and book on your preferred site (e.g. Zuji, Expedia etc…). Sometimes credit cards have promotions on hotel stays as well, so that is also worth considering.

While you might find a decent offer online, it is best to take note of a few things when booking your hotel, particularly when using third party websites. Just as air fares fluctuate, so do hotel prices. 
  • Read the fine print before you actually book. If you book a non-refundable hotel you will never be able to cancel so be certain before you reserve it. However, it is usually under such terms and conditions that you get to pay lesser. 
  • So you have to be sure about your dates. Check a few websites for a price comparison before you book: the hotel’s website and at least 2 hotel booking sites. 
  • Not all third party websites have the same rates; some include the taxes and tariffs upfront, while others only show the extra charges after or when you make payment. 
  • Always verify with the hotel after completing your booking an online booking website. This would minimize any hiccups like the hotel not receiving your reservation details or it being overbooked etc… 
  • Once you have completed your booking an online booking website, print your confirmation email and/or have easy access to it on your phone to show at reception. 
  • Once you have confirmed your booking, most often than not payment is collected upfront, rather than after your check-out of the hotel. So be prepared to part with your money first. 
  • Don’t forget to print out your voucher/confirmation from the online booking website. You will need it for checking into the hotel. 

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  1. Helpful tips!
    Excellent for all confused or worried about using hotel search/ booking tools online.

    Good work, Iceprinxess! :)

    1. A little late (ok extremely late) reply... but thanks Dave! :)