Moss Burger / Ximending

After checking into Hotel Quote Taipei, we rested a bit before heading out to Ximending. It was already close to evening time but not really quite time for dinner, so we decided to have a quick bite at the Moss Burger near the Nanjing East Road MRT Station.

Moss Burger offers burgers with bun patties or rice bun patties with the filling in-between (e.g. beef, chicken, pork, seafood or vegetables). For sides, there are fries, hot dogs, fried chicken or shrimp and dessert. Though there are outlets in Singapore as well, what made the experience interesting as that there is pork burgers and that instead of fries as a usual side, chicken nuggets were served instead! Needless to say we had the seafood burger, can't member the name but it was nice. We sat near the window and did a little people watching while eating the burgers.
Taipei Moss Burger at Nanjing East Road MRT Station
A satisfying meal
Once the food was polished off, we made our way to Ximending - Singapore's equivalent of Orchard Road. Although we had to change trains from Nanjing East Road MRT Station, the MRT was easy to navigate and we found our way to the Ximen MRT Station (one stop after Taipei Main Station) in about 30 minutes. The time estimation provided by Google maps is pretty useful and accurate for a rough gauge of traveling time. The trains in Taipei are very colorful.

Ximen MRT Station
Ximen stop
We exited from the Ximen MRT Station and were greeted by a bustling sight for a weekday evening.


The iconic Red House Theater was just beside the station which seemed like a great place to hang out, with a great cafe and a variety of small art and craft shops inside.

Red House Theater
Red House Theater
Not knowing where to go, we wandered around Ximending for a few hours window shopping. DramaQueen was determined to do some serious shopping and her efforts paid off - she managed to buy 2 pairs of shoes with a further 20% discount simply because she asked. ^^


When in Taiwan how could we not try the bubble milk tea? So we bought the bubble tea from the first store that we came across, and the tea wasn't too bad. In fact it does taste better than the ones in Singapore, even the tapioca balls (a.k.a pearls) were nicer and chewier.

bubble milk tea

With our bubble milk tea craving satisfied, we made our way back to the Ximen MRT Station, only to get a little lost along the way. Taiwanese people are very friendly indeed, they pointed us in the right direction. Having (re)orientated ourselves, we headed to Shilin Night Market for some more shopping and supper!

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  1. Taiwan is really a great place to go! 买东西,吃东西。😆