At the Movies in Paris

When I was in Paris, I managed to watch two movies, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and Snow White and the Huntsman. Both of which were in the original language (VO), else I would have to have someone translating it for me. The cinema we watched both movies was at Cinéma Gaumont Parnasse.

The experience was interesting and different from that in Singapore. For one, the cinemas are of a smaller scale and don’t have air-conditioning. Unlike Singapore where you are allotted your seats, in Paris you get to choose the seats. The ticket in Paris (at least the one we went to) entitles you entrance into the cinema, but it is free seating once you enter. In Singapore, your ticket states where you should be seated and the air-conditioning is usually pretty cold. The cinema setting in Paris is cozy as it is of a moderate size fitting less than 50 people (I think).

The sequence before the movie started is also the same – some advertisements and trailers. There was this really cute advertisement about a bunch of people being cornered at the edge of the cliff by a pack of wolves, until they started beat boxing and stuff. It was cute, but you tend to forget what the advertisement is trying to promote, which is a credit card.

Movie experience wise, Singapore cinemas would seem to have a more advance (complex) design/layout. There are more food and drink options too. In Paris, the cinemas are located on their own like a store along a busy street, whereas in Singapore the cinemas are always located at the top floor of most shopping malls. Pricing wise, well, if you don’t consider the currency exchange it is about the same as Singapore. The only difference is that they have different pricing for students, those above 21 etc…

Overall it was an interesting experience and I did get to watch Ice Age 4: Continental Drift before it aired in Singapore, and  Snow White and the Huntsman when it had already ended its run in Singapore.
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