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About the hotel

Built exclusively atop a hill with private beach, Batam View Beach Resort is a talking point among holidaymakers looking for a getaway that blends modern amenities with nature. It is an oasis of calm, ideal for relaxing, yet complete with indoor and outdoor facilities to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. The resort is an ideal venue for holidaymakers and for corporate meetings, functions and training, with its comprehensive facilities, including wireless Internet access.

The Façade and Welcome

Batam View Beach Resort
was recently refurbished, so hallways and rooms have an updated look with dark wood hues giving it a bit of modernness. The building has also been given a fresh cost of white paint, giving it a fresh feeling. The gaudy light signboard no longer adorns the main entrance.

Despite the updates, the property occasionally exudes tiredness: the signage at the entrance is really dated and when we first saw it, we had some apprehension on how the experience would be (think wildness school camping). But our fears were unfounded as the entered the property: it was clean and modern enough for a comfortable stay.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a welcome drink. It was a refreshing welcome from the warm weather outside. Once we were settled in, since we were there for a team building event, we proceeded to the activities that awaited us.

The Food and Experience

The chairs in the restaurant were tired and the chairs were sunken a little uncomfortable to sit. It would have been if they could be updated for a more comfortable experience.

Now on to the food, we had lunch, break and dinner at the restaurant. Lunch was pretty standard but nothing to shout about. There was rice, soup, noodle and other sides, fruits and desserts that while palatable, were nothing to rave about. The environment was clean and there were no houseflies flying about.

During lunch, the only weird encounter I had was with the chocolate jelly; chocolate does not do well in a jelly.

Breakfast was buffet style. The staff at the entrance will ask for your room number before being let in for breakfast. It was a fuss free experience. The buffet breakfast had typical fare such as rice, noodles, porridge, bread, cereal and an egg station with the usual fare you see at breakfast. As mentioned earlier food was palatable but nothing to be wowed at.

There’s a kelong within the property which serves up pretty decent seafood if you want something nearby and do not want to travel out.

For dinner, as it was a teambuilding event, they set the area near the pool to be an open space buffet for dinner with a stage for the activities. While the experience was good and fun (food again was average), I cannot imagine the noise pollution for the other guests staying on the property. The party went on to the night at about 10pm, and I spotted a couple of guests coming out of their rooms to see what was happening. So, if you are staying here for leisure, something to take note of.

They have a little pet / animal corner which I wanted to check out but had not time to do so.

The Room

We had a room on the second floor. The hallway was brightly lit and due to the recent refurbishment, it was a pleasant environment.
The brightly lit hallway

Upon entering the room, we were greeted with a clean room with 2 beds. There was ample of space to hang clothes and a luggage space for 2 medium luggage. The closet was open, basically just a pole above the luggage space with about 6 hangers provided.
The view of the room in the daytime
The view at night. The lighting is cozy, but too dim if you want to do any reading or work at night.
Housekeeping was good, but not excellent as there a strand of long hair in one of the pillow cases, and there was a little bit of dust on the shelves. Other than that, the room was clean (enough) and the toilet was in good condition with toiletries provided. So if you forgot your toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, or shower gel etc… you are covered. It might not be of high-end quality but it's acceptable. 

Water quality was also good. The water was clear and we did not encounter brownish water. Water pressure for the shower was good and it was easy to set the heating to the preferred temperature you want.

There were 4 bottles of water in the room waiting for us when we arrived. 2 were near the kettle corner and the other 2 were on the study table.

The room had a balcony which faced a under maintained tennis court. The floor was cracking up etc.. but other than that it was a pretty scenic view. There are also rooms which overlook the pool (which might be more noisy when there are events happening at the pool area).

Sleep quality wise it was quite good except that the bedsheets were of the lower thread count variety which meant that the texture was a little rough to the touch. In fact, out of all my hotel stays, this is the first time I have encountered such a quality of bedsheets but for the price point it’s not really a deal breaker. Just take note that it will not be a luxurious experience. It’s even rougher than the bedsheets I use at home, but that did not really affect sleep quality as the pillows were a nice consistency.

Wifi provided by the resort was relatively strong throughout the property which is a plus to stay connected.

Sound proofing (from the lounge on ground level) seems to be good. There was loud music and singing happening till the early morning (about 2am) but our room on the 2nd floor was quiet enough; could not hear a single sound.

The Facilities

There are a variety of sea sports which you can do at the property to enhance your stay. Definitely worth checking the activities out if you want more excitement to your stay.
There is also a pool with a pool bar if you want some water fun but not too exciting.

If you want some spa and pampering, there is a onsite spa but the prices are more than triple of what you can get outside in the malls and spa outlets.

The Location

The resort is quite a distance from the city and if you want to head to the malls or visit the city, it would be about an hour or so journey. There are nearer malls in the vicinity, about 15-30 minutes away so something to consider too. But if you are there mostly for the relaxing, food, beach and sea sports it should be a good basecamp.

Batam View is only 300 metres away from Montigo Resort, so you can walk across and enjoy their restaurant and bars if you want a change of scenery but do not want to travel out.

Overall the experience and the environment for this price point. Checkout was a fuss free experience. Just note that it is a location mostly for teambuilding activates and quite a distance from the city. Also, if you are staying pick the rooms which do not face the pool for a better night's sleep. 

  1. Service               
  2. Value                  
  3. Sleep Quality        
  4. Cleanliness        
  5. Location             
  6. Rooms               

Overall Experience:

Batam View Beach Resort


Tel: (+62) 778 761 740 - 46

Booking: Via the website OR online for a better pricing (Who knows? You might find an attractive rate especially if you book online. 😜)

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