Kose SEIKISHO Mask White Review

Kose SEIKISHO Mask White Review
Herbal Extracts: Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Moutan Bark Extract, Japanese Coptis Extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract

Kose SEIKISHO Mask White has been reviewed by lots of people. It's about S$35-36 a tube (you can get it at a cheaper price at the airport's duty-free shops and Beaute Spring outlets). However, to get the best effect the mask has to be applied onto the face thickly (so that it is not painful when it dries and you peel it off, and more effective). Each tube can approximately be used for about 10 applications, so the larger version is much appreciated and anticipated!

While this mask might not work for others, it has worked well for me. I use it in conjunction with Kose's INTELLIGE sebum remover mask as I have somewhat oily skin, and using the Mask White is not strong enough to get rid of the blackheads effectively. I usually use Kose's INTELLIGE sebum remover mask to remove the blackheads, and it does an excellent job! After which I would use the Mask White (which is actually black in color) to get clearer and brighter skin (shrinks the pores and suck up oil). Both masks when applied can be peeled off in a single piece and takes about 25-30 min to dry in Singapore's humid weather. Of course you could always use the fan to help speed the drying process. If you have sensitive skin, just apply it on oilier areas like the T-zone only, and avoid your eyebrows and hairline.

  • A peel-off, airtight black mask that effectively removes dirt and impurities to dramatically increase skin’s clarity and radiance.
  • Suppresses melanin production and prevents the formation of aging spots and freckles.
  • Taking about 1 inch from the tube at a time apply a thick even layer to clean skin, avoiding the hairline, eye, and lip area. Wait 20 minutes or when completely dry, peel off gently from the outside in.
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