Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩 (Hong Kong)

After our little goose appetizer session at Yat Lok Restaurant and exploring the streets of Central, we made our way to Kau Kee Restaurant. Getting to Kau Kee is a 15-20 minute walk from either Central or Sheung Wan MTR.

Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩  (Hong Kong)

Rated to have one of the best beef briskets in Hong Kong (so they say), perhaps my expectation was too high or the long wait in the rain changed my taste buds, but I found the fare to be overrated and underwhelming. Yes, being typhoon season, and it suddenly poured cats and dogs while we were waiting in line, waiting for the shop to open for lunch. It was an arduous wait, and having soggy shoes were not very enjoyable.

However, M and co were happy to wait in the rain for some odd reason. I was really tempted to run into the nearby by cafe to shelter from the rain and have a drink, but I guess that's what group pressure does. 😂😂😂 I ended up waiting in the rain with them for about 30 minutes, and I will say that will be the only one time I will be willing to experience such a unique wait in the rain.
Depending on the time you visit Kau Kee, there would always be a queue (which mostly consists of tourists) which can take anything between 10 minutes to an hour or more. Also, be prepared to sit in a crowded place with strangers on the same table. 
So... after the arduous wait in the rain Kau Kee finally opened and we were promptly seated with a couple from China.  We ordered the beef brisket, beef tendon in curry sauce, along with noodles (E-Fu noodles and flat rice noodles).

Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩  (Hong Kong)
E-Fu noodles, which were a tad soggy
Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩  (Hong Kong)
Flat rice noodles which were beyond overcooked.
Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩  (Hong Kong)
Beef tendon and slices in curry.
Kau Kee Restaurant 九記牛腩  (Hong Kong)
The beef brisket in really oily and salty broth.

The verdict? It's highly over-rated and very much underwhelming. 😟 Like I said, it might have been the wait or the weather, but I found the beef to have too much tenderizer (at least that's what my taste buds were relaying to my brain at the time) and the soup contained too much msg. The noodles were overcooked and mushy; not very appetizing in its greasy salty broth. M and co. on the other hand were probably starved and they quite liked the tender beef and flavorful soup. So it's my taste buds against theirs - it was the only time that I quite disagreed with their verdict on our eating afventure. Still if you are up for it, and you happen to be in area you could give it a try... the food might be better than I describe it to be but don't have your hopes up about the service standard.

Kau Kee 九記牛腩

Address: 21 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong | 中環歌賦街21號地舖
(15-20 min walk from Central or Sheung Wan MTR)
Tel: +852 2850 5967
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun, PH and Lunar New Year for 10 days

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