Bokksu Review: January 2018 Box

What is Bokksu?
Bokksu Review: January 2018 Box

Bokksu is subscription based company specializing in premium Japanese snacks and teas. Each month there is a different theme, and the tasty gourmet snacks and teas are selected to match the theme of the month. There are some items that are not your common snacks so it is definitely a treat to explore and munch on the selection of tasty artisan foods.

Although it is a subscription based, if you just want to try a box that is also possible. It was exactly what I did as well. I was looking for something special to send as Christmas presents to Luttisparrow in Paris, and came across Bokksu. It looks so promising and interesting that I ended up getting a box myself too!
Cost: USD$39.00 per month (includes free shipping)
Get USD$10 off your first box by registering here!

The Box and Snacks
Ordering it via the platform was straight forward and simple. Within a couple of weeks the box arrived and the contents were arranged and packed beautifully. 😍
The box
Bokksu Review: January 2018 Box
The contents

The thank-you note from the founder was a nice touch, and so was the guide on each and every snack in the box. This theme for January was "New Year Festival". 

Bokksu Review: January 2018 Box
The New Year Theme introduction
The guide not only included the items and their description, but an allergy guide was also included (good for those with allergies to take note).

The snack box had various fish-shaped snacks, mochi (which are traditionally made and eaten during the New Year), strawberry tarts and white chocolate; a mix of sweet and savory snacks that are meant to be paired with the 3 sachets of Kagoshima Seicha Hoshu Tea that were included.

If you love Japanese snacks, or if you want to get a gift for your friend or family member who loves (Japanese) snacks (or simply enjoys snacks / trying out something new), than getting a box to try is highly recommended!
Cost: USD$39.00 per month (includes free shipping)
Get 10% off your first box by registering here!
I was so impressed that I have already ordered the February box as a birthday gift for a friend whose birthday is coming up. I wanted to get one for myself, but unfortunately I am not so much of a kit kat fan, so I'll give it a miss and perhaps order the 3-month subscription the next round.  
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