Changi Airport Terminal 4: The start of the autumn adventure

Korean Air had moved to the newly built Terminal 4, so that was where I went for my night flight to Seoul. As Terminal 4 occupies the previous Budget Terminal, Terminal 4, it is not only the smallest terminal of Changi Airport, it is also the most automated (more of a high tech budget terminal 'feel') and the least accessible (you can only access Terminal 4 via the shuttle bus from Terminal 2, the MRT will not get you there). Of course you can still drive or catch a cab there.

The self check-in counters and baggage counters were very futuristic looking and as almost everything is automated and seemed very impersonal, it lacked any "soul" or personality. Of course, there are also conventional check-in counters with friendly airport staff to assist you, but with the numerous automated machines available you can be sure that they will be downsizing on the staff in the future.

Changi Airport Terminal 4
Unlike Terminal 1, 2, and 3, there is nothing much to see or eat at Terminal 4 unless you are in the departure hall

As long as there is no issues with check-in and I get on my flight with luggage intact, there is no real issue except a failed user interface experience (or maybe my expectation was a little too high). Passengers with techno phobia would probably be having massive nightmares just being in Terminal 4, but otherwise the cool decor and new facilities are something to look at.

[A financial blogger details why Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 is ‘a failure in design]

Once you get past the external facade and enter the departure hall, the familiar setting of an airport greets you as you meander your way to your gate.

Changi Airport Terminal 4
Concourse area and shops
Changi Airport Terminal 4
The second floor
Changi Airport Terminal 4
A row of shophouse replicas, similar to those found in Joo Chiat and Katong. While the "ground" floor are actual shops like Bengawan Solo, Bee Cheng Hiang etc..., the "second" floor is actually a mini digital theatre show titled "Peranakan Love Story".
Changi Airport Terminal 4
Walking towards the gate
Changi Airport Terminal 4
At the gate waiting for boarding

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