8 Course Chinese Lunch

It was neither a wedding lunch, nor was it a baby’s month old celebration, but rather it was a combination of both as we were invited for the family lunch at Tung Lok Seafood Orchard Central.

Usually a Chinese wedding lunch (or dinner) would entail of guests eating 8 or 10 course meal and seated according to familiarity with about 10 to table. A red packet containing money (with a minimum sum for the couple to cover their costs - basically paying for your share of the food/table, but of course you can always give more), sealed and signed off with the giver’s name is the norm (for a gift). Lunches are cheaper than dinners and holding the function on a weekend would cost more. In addition, the amount to give also varies, depending on venue and location. 

Tung Lok Seafood Orchard Central is a branch of one the more well known (somewhat higher end) Chinese restaurants in Singapore (apparently). The lunch was a an 8 courser, starting with a cold dish, followed by soup, scallop with broccoli, sea cumber, fish, meat and noodles, ending off with dessert. While the food was just slightly above average, it has been a while since I last went to such an occasion, so what better opportunity to take the photos just for memory’s sake.

Cold Dish
Starter: Pieces of shrimp (or was it lobster) in the mixed fruit salad, served with a side of shrimp (lobster?) meatballs coated with salted egg (yolk) and salmon rolls
Soup: Since there wasn't any menu, I am guessing that this was sharkfin's soup with pieces of crabmeat
Broccoli and Scallop
Broccoli and scallop sauteed in a chili sauce
Fish. It was too fishy and quite fresh.
Roast Chicken
Dessert: yam with ginko nuts and fattening coconut milk

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  1. Nice pics!!!!!!!!!!! looking a delicious food. thanks for sharing nice views.