Fine Dining at SILIQ Restaurant for Dinner (Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort)

SILIQ Restaurant
SILIQ Restaurant decor during the day

It was our last night at Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort and dinner was at the SILIQ restaurant, a fusion restaurant that blends the best of east and west. The service was impeccable, as expected of a restaurant of fine dining, but I much preferred the wait staff over at ABU restaurant because they were more smiley and welcoming. Ok, I might be a tad biased since that was the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised with my surprise (and complimentary) birthday soufflé cake (with birthday song to boot) the night before.

ABU restaurant
le birthday soufflé cake by ABU Restaurant

Anyways, unlike tea time there weren’t many guests for dinner at 7.30pm so it exuded an exclusive vibe, just like its cousin ABU restaurant (which serves up French cuisine and is also located within the resort grounds). Located on the higher grounds of the resort, the view of the river was not as pretty as ABU restaurant, but it was at night and there were blinds so the view didn’t matter much.

We were promptly seated and brought the menu to make our selection for dinner. Not long after, the food soon arrived in fine dining style:
Grains Chinese Bun
Grains Chinese buns (essentially slightly toasted fragrant mantou) served with basil butter, cinnamon meat saucr & sesame sauce
Siliq special platter
Appetizer: Siliq special platter which consisted of fresh scallop, fragrant mushroom & yummy smoked duck
SILIQ soup
Onion Soup which was lightly flavored and pleasant on the palate
SILIQ Restaurant
DramaQueen had the Wild Prawn Plum Jelly Salad...
SILIQ Restaurant
... while I had the Smoked Salmon Salad Spring Onion Dressing
white gourd Lemon Sorbet
White gourd lemon sorbet to wash the taste buds for the next dish!
SILIQ Restaurant
Tender Fried Spring Chicken which was tenderly juicy and surprising not as oily as it looked
SILIQ Restaurant
DramaQueen had the Seafood Club Cranberry Sauce which consisted of codfish, prawn, mussel & clam
SILIQ Restaurant
And I had the salmon steak
SILIQ Restaurant
Dessert consisted of mozzarella, apricot & ganache, blue cheese & NZ Cheese with Longan Yogurt Mousse and a piece of chocolate

Dessert was a pleasant surprise and DramaQueen was absolutely taken with it because it had popping candy hidden within the empty shell of the chocolate. It was a poppingly sweet touch to end the night (and dinner). By the time we finished dinner, it was almost the stated closing time of 9.30pm.

With our tummies (overly) satisfied, we made our way back to the room (which was on the same floor) to watch a couple of DVDs before exploring the public hot springs (which we went the next day after breakfast) and ordering supper (just to experience it) before ending the night (finally!).
Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort Supper
One set of supper to end off the night ^^
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