Shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall is located in the well-known area of Pratunam, where there are many shopping malls and markets. Most of the shops in this area sell goods at wholesale prices, so it pays to actually buy more. If brightly lit air-conditioned malls are not your thing, not to worry as there are markets such as the Pratunam Wholesale Market, one of Bangkok’s major markets selling clothes, shoes and fashion accessories at wholesale prices, to suit your shopping tastes.

However, if you want to enjoy shopping away from the heat, in an air-conditioned mall, than Platinum Fashion Mall would be just the place to head to. Platinum Fashion Mall is just cross Petchburi road and is 6 stories high. Don’t let the height fool you as the mall is massive. Throughout the 6 floors, there are many things on sale - from women’s bags, shoes, clothes to accessories, to children and even men’s clothes and accessories (which only takes up one floor) to accessories. There are even shops selling wigs, makeup, watches and other interesting things.
Platinum Fashion Mall
shop, shops and more shops!

Being a wholesale mall, a large number of shoppers at Platinum Fashion Mall go there to get goods for their (blog) shops (etc…). Even if you are not a re-seller (or such), you can still get items at reasonable prices if you purchase 2 or more pieces. It is always best to check with the shop assistants on what the wholesale price is and the minimum number of items you have to buy in order to enjoy the ‘special’ price (savings of about (30%). Sometimes they allow you to mix and max different items to makeup the numbers.

Platinum Fashion Mall was practically the only (air-conditioned) mall that we visited on all days that we were in Bangkok: we visited the mall on the first day after checking in the hotel, visited it the second day as well after our half day tour, and even on the third day we visited the mall for some last minute shopping. It was a shopping paradise! Sometimes I feel that it is not how many places that you have been (e.g. as many as possible) within your holiday/travel duration that makes it an enjoyable enriching experience, but how much of a place you have explored during that time (even if it means visiting it a couple of times). Of course if you were to only visit the same place every single time you visit a country with no new places, than that would be just plain boring(?). [Don't forget to read my Bangkok Itinerary for this trip here]

Anyways, while most of the clothes sold might be an acquired taste (there were many shops selling sweet looking Taiwan, Korean influenced outfits with lace and sweet colors, or office wear that were influenced the same way), I am sure that you would find something you like given the massive amount of shops and varieties that are offered. There were even other things such as bedroom slippers, bedsheets and bathrobes! There was a shop at the basement that sold bedroom slippers, 4 for 350 baht, which was cheaper than Chatuchak Weekend Market (for the same type of slippers, they cost 100 baht for 1 pair).

After a day’s walking and shopping, there are cafes within the mall that you can stop by the rest those aching feet and shopping bad laden hands. There is also a food court at the 5th floor along with a KFC if you want to have a meal, to replenish your energy before you ‘attack’ the shops again.

Just remember 3 things when you are buying stuff from Platinum Fashion Mall:
  1. No trying: for most of the shops you are not allowed to try on the clothes as they could be stretched or soiled (e.g. by makeup). However, there might be some shops (less than 10% of the shops) that might allow you to try and make an exchange if it cannot fit. PrincessyLee came across a shop selling office pants for ladies (made in Korea, so it claims), and the shop assistant allowed her to change the size it if could not fit (she tried it out at a restroom nearby).
  2. No (ex)change: most clothes sold are not exchangeable (with some exceptions), so be very sure you want the clothes that you are buying and that you can fit into them.
  3. No refund: just as there is no exchange of clothes (e.g. a smaller size for a bigger one), there is also no refunds policy on the goods sold. These goods are mostly sold at wholesale prices.

Happy Shopping!

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