What is Your Ideal Travel Style?

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The most affordable (budgeted) travel style would be backpacking. With low cost (as much as possible) on the agenda, most often than not, backpackers tend to gravitate towards budget airlines/non-direct flights (with transit) and hostels rather than hotels, as they are cheaper than full service flights. Also instead of lugging around cumbersome luggage, such travelers opt for backpack or other luggage that is easy to carry for long distances or long periods of time.
However, even with low cost on the agenda (e.g. taking public transport like buses and the subway) and being on a tight(er) budget doesn’t necessarily mean being deprived. As long you budget accordingly and spend appropriately, there are ways to maximize the travel experience. For instance, I have had friends who have traveled around Europe and saved money by staying with (other) friends or in (affordable and clean) hostels, yet they still find the opportunity to eat at a Michelin restaurant or two to get the most out of the experience by going out, meeting people and trying something new.

Tour Agency

Traveling with a tour agency might be cheaper (sometimes) but you would not get the freedom and flexibility to change your plans to adapt to any (sudden) situations nor (most probably) get to stay in your choice of accommodation (unless you are going to be paying lot money). Not to say that such tours are all bad, they do have their advantages, especially for 
  1. Those traveling in a big group and have young children and elderlies: flight, accommodation, transportation and food are provided so there is no need to worry of someone getting behind. There would be no need to think so hard of what to eat not the need to walk that much, since transportation is provided shuttling from place to place (especially those with young children and elderies). There might be a lot of walking and steep slopes to encounter, and it would take longer to reach a destination if public transport was used.
  2. Families aside, solo travelers or groups of friends (though it might be more economical for friends in groups of 2, as is just naturally more expansive for single travelers) might also find that traveling in a tour with flight, accommodation and transport might be a better fit for them – they get to travel to many places within the day and get to save time taking the public transport. With logistics being taken care of by the tour agency, enjoying the holiday might be a breeze (sans the other travelers on the tour and the limited amounted of time you can spend in a given place).

Customizing Your Own Itinerary (DIY)

Besides travelling on a tour package (from Singapore), there is another way to enjoy your holiday and that is to tailor make (DIY) your very own tour itinerary! Flights, accommodation, admissions fees and food (where to eat) are determined by you (and your friends). This mode of travel could be a somewhat ‘upgraded’ version of backpacking - whether you want to stay in a hostel, hotel or apartment, as long as your budget allows it and you want it you can do so. It is not as restrictive as backpacking (e.g. cheapest might not necessarily be the best). You have to remember that sometimes when you get a ‘good’ deal or go as cheap as possible, the time and effort spent might not be worth the actual savings. 
Anyways, customizing your own itinerary would give you the flexibility to travel in a pace most suited for you. There is the sense of flexibility and freedom to do things differently, and you might stray off your planned itinerary which makes it all the more fun and relaxed. For example, it might be raining one day and you can decide to go somewhere else to accommodate the change in weather, you can afford to wake up a bit later and start your day accordingly, or you might catch impromptu-ly catch the latest concert in town. If staying in a hostel or alternative accommodation (e.g. apartment / guesthouse) is not your thing (and you have a bigger budget), you can stay in (boutique) hotels.
Should you travel on your own DIY itinerary, you also have the option to include day tours, which provide you the structure and transportation (of a tour) but give you more flexibility in going when and where you want depending on what the day tour is offering; to get more out of the experience, save some time and get to meet people.


Just as long as you don't travel to a certain country (be it with a tour or on your own), only to end up eating instant noodles and bread (or something similar) everyday just to save more for shopping. You go on a holiday to enjoy not deprive yourself…Whether it be backpacking, with a tour agency or on your own, as long as your mind is open and accepting to new cultures (of your destination), you will learn more about the country and its people. It is not your style of travel that determines your travel experience, but rather your mindset and level of resistance to all things ‘new’. 

So what is your ideal travel style? Do share!
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