Rice & Fries - We will be back!

Rice & Fries
The lights beckoning us to come

It was after a level test for a Korean intermediate level (has it been that long already?) that brought us to Rice & Fries one evening, on recommendation by P. Rice & Fries is just a stone throw away from the Kembangang MRT station and also just behind the language school so it was convenient.

Rice & Fries
Artsy and cosy decor
When we had arrived at Rice & Fries we were pleasantly surprised (and rather besotted) with the décor of adorable scribbles pm the walls and simple yet adorable homey setting. Upon closer inspection of the scribbling, they actually had meaning to them and were entertaining to the eyes. The seating consists of mostly partitioned booths and longer dining tables for larger groups of people in the center of the café-like restaurant.
Rice & Fries
Colorful foody scribbles
Rice & Fries
Sweet simple chalky scribbles that doubles up as a promotion / menu board
Rice & Fries
View of part of the seating area
It was dinner time and we were hungry, so we were recommended the BFF fries – an assortment of fries (e.g. shoestring, wedges, crosscut etc…) served with 4 types of sauces (there was cheese, tar tar sauce, something that has wasabi and honey in it and another salad sauce which was probably thousand island). In addition to the fries, we each ordered a main.
BFF Fries
BFF Fries @ S$14.80: Best to be shared as the portion is quite big
The BFF fries were the first to arrive and the guy serving us the food was fascinated (I guess) when everyone started whipping out their handphones and began sapping furiously away (hahaha). Each time a dish arrived, we would take a photo of it. Never have I felt so at home taking photos (of food) before eating, I *heart* my friends. ^^

Alright now onto the other food we ordered that night:
Rosemary Chicken
Rosemary Chicken (x2 we had 2 of those) @ S$11.30: The chicken was moist and tender with the flavor of rosemary lingering in the mouth with each bite. So if you love or enjoy the clean refreshing flavor of rosemary, this is one dish you should try.
Soup @ S$4.80
Soup @ S$4.80: Tomato soup to say the least. According to P, it wasn't too bad.
Breaded Dory @ S$11.80
Breaded Dory @ S$11.80: This bread dory came with a surprise, there were mushrooms between the batter and fish. According to C, who had it it was pretty nice and the mushrooms were a nice touch.
Miso Salmon Alfredo @ S$14.80
Miso Salmon Alfredo @ S$14.80: It was a miss for Y for this dish. Perhaps there was too little salmon, or perhaps there were too much cream, or her appetite was already affected by the BFF fries.

As a result of our binging feasting, we all ended up in a state of food coma! It was simply too much food for 5 people in one night. And to think I was even thinking of dessert! *gasps*

One of the attractive points of Rice & Fries (besides the reasonably good food) is that there is no GST and no service charge, so it’s an affordable place suitable for families, students and young adults. Water is also complimentary and self-serviceable from water dispenser located near the cashier. That being said, although there was no service charge, the service was acceptable (plain and simply straight forward service with a smile or two) and we were promptly attended to for orders, even recommended the BFF fries (which I also totally recommend!). What I liked was that the moment they realized that we were not ordering any drinks; they told us (politely) that water was complimentary and where to go get it ourselves. 

Verdict: Worth a try!

Rice & Fries

Address: 484 Changi Road (off Frankel Avenue), Singapore 419896
Contact: +65 64456390
Facebook: Rice & Fries
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm Daily
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