From Bangkok back to Singapore on Tiger Airways

Singapore Changi Airport
Homeward bound... destination Singapore

On our last day, with our (much) heavier luggage, we opted to take a taxi from Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It was an excellent choice too as the weather that day was a little wet and rainy. The reception had booked a taxi for us so after a fuss-free checkout, we proceeded to the lobby (on the ground floor) to wait for our ride.

Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok
Waiting for our ride
Due to the military curfews and whatnot, the taxi took a little longer to arrive, but the journey to the airport was a smooth one (there were no checkpoints etc…). While we were waiting for the taxi at the lobby, there was a group of (4) girls who were headed out to the main road. We just thought that they were heading to the BTS, but it turned out that they were trying to flag a taxi at the entrance of the hotel.
Tip: If you want to take a (normal) taxi to the Suvarnabhumi Airport (not the hotel’s limousine/taxi service), you can simply request the hotel’s reception staff to arrange this for you. There are no extra charges and the taxi fare would range about 300-400 baht, this does not include the toll fee of about 20-25baht. 
From Bangkok back to Singapore on Tiger Airways
Past the BTS towards the airport
From Bangkok back to Singapore on Tiger Airways
On the way to the airport, a junction where car and BTS meet

The whole ride took about an hour and we soon found ourselves at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, ready to check in luggage and all. The Tiger Airways counter staff at the airport were efficient and polite. Our tickets were issued and luggage checked in; there was even time for lunch at the departure hall’s Burger King and even some Starbucks (and Running Man - there was complimentary wifi for 1 hour, so remember to get the password from the counter) before takeoff. The departure terminal had quite a bit of shops and dining options, but the one thing it seemed to lack was air-conditioning (especially towards the end of the terminal, there was only warm/hot air blowing).

Soon it was time to board the plane, and it was a smooth process with no delays, considering that it was budget it was not too shabby. Fortunately for us, the plane for the journey home seemed to be newer than the one we took from Singapore to Bangkok, or it could be that this time we were more seated near the entrance - there was more leg space on this flight and the chair was relatively more comfortable (and newer).

Tiger Airways Bangkok to Singapore
Some leg room
Tiger Airways Bangkok to Singapore
The seating
The journey back was a boisterous one with a large group of people (about 10 of them), seated in front of and around us, happily chatting away in Chinese and Hokkien throughout the journey. Half of this group had also barely made it before the plane took off so it was a narrow shave for them, resulting in even more excited chatter. Apparently they were held up at check-in given the long queue and relatively long walk to the gate (thank goodness for online check-ins!).

The crew members on board were all smiley and friendly, and even managed to convince all in the (boisterous) group to buy things off the flight uncatalogued. Never have I been on a flight where items (from a plane catalog) were all sold out to happy (and easily persuaded) passengers. The stewardesses and stewards were excellent salespeople indeed. All in all an enjoyable holiday and successful flight back home.

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