Dinner at THE WALK + Chili

After all the shopping and getting a nice relaxing foot massage, it was time for dinner at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant. As the curfew was still in place at the time, the restaurant closed earlier (at 11pm), so we wasted no time in getting our dinner after a long’s day of walking and shopping.
The Reception

When we arrived at the 20th floor (via the elevator) we were greeted with a very ’happening’ reception area. The reception area was empty, but a few seconds later a waitress pop ups from behind a door and upon learning that we were here for dinner, she ushered us past the bar area (which was deserted, given that the curfew was in place) and up some stairs to THE WALK, which was located on the 21st floor.
Chili Hip
Chili Hip, a left turn and we were at...
...the lounge/bar area. After walking straight and up a couple of stairs...
The (overall) lighting was slightly dimmer than expected (ok, it was practically dark, except for the lights that illuminated off the surrounding buildings and projector), so it was a tad hard to see what we were ordering. It would have been better if the tableside(electronic) candles were brighter, but we somehow still managed to order a plate of Phad Thai Noodles and Phad Thai Rice (I think). Our booking came with complimentary drinks (e.g. soft drinks, wine, or fruit juice), which was a nice touch.

While waiting for the food, we marveled at the surrounding night lights and the other patrons who were there that night just for a drink or two. There was a group of elderies (in their 50s-60s) seated at the table next to us commenting that it was too dark to see what was on the menu (lol), but they too managed to order their dinner in the end.
Night time in Bangkok
Night time in Bangkok

The food soon arrived and we found ourselves happily digging in with the surrounding night lights and ‘hip’ fashion music playing in the background.
The starter: warm fluffy soft bread served with the restaurant's own special concocted sauce reminiscent of satay sauce with a pinch of lemon grass; very peanuty and refreshing at the same time.
Phad Thai Rice
Phad Thai Fried Rice (I think): The rice was flavorful and the seafood fresh.
Phad Thai
Phad Thai Noodles: well flavored and simply a delight to eat with the flavors bursting in the mouth, along with fresh seafood.

Although the lighting was dim, the wait staff did an excellent job being attentive at taking our order, serving the food and even processing payment at an efficient pace. So with our tummies filled, we ended the night by heading back to our room for some serious last minute packing.

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