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School life has been hectic with classes and assignments and on top of trying to have a social life, I have to feed myself (yes I cook). After attempting to make interesting meals everyday, I got tired and ran out of ideas. But thankfully I chanced upon a brochure (amongst my Amazon package) about this company called "Hello Fresh" which actually delivers boxes filled with raw ingredients needed for 5 recipes that are provided (perfect - no more racking my brains on what to cook!). The brochure had a promotional code that would give a £20 discount for my first box.

From Hello Fresh's website

Intrigued I went to the website and decided to try a box or two. That was my first encounter with "Hello Fresh" and soon my first box was delivered. There are 3 different boxes:
  1. Classic Box
  2. Veggie Box
  3. Family Box
While the Classic Box has meat and fish included, the Veggie Box contains only vegetables (naturally), and the Family Box although similar to the Classic Box is larger and cheaper.

I chose the Classic Box (which has an option to choose to receive 3 or 5 meals), 5 meals and for the delivery to be Tuesday. Being the first time, after having ordered, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect but Tuesday soon arrived and so did the box, along with 5 amazing looking recipes. The food (raw ingredients) was packaged well to retain its freshness, but have to be kept in the fridge the moment the box has been opened!

"Hello Fresh " delivers these 'wonder' boxes of food and recipes to the UK, USA, Germany, The Netherlands and Australia. So far I have tried the recipes for a week and I will be updating you about my experience and thoughts, so STAY TUNED!

See you soon for a post on the recipes!!

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