It’s time for some grooming! For the dog that is…

After almost a year of spa treatments (yes you read right, spa treatments) for his sensitive skin, I have finally decided to let my doggy try out the grooming at Petopia. On a side note about the spa treatments, they can be customized (just like for humans) and they work (well, at least for my dog they did, you can read about how he be rid of his itchy, sore, flaky skin and even fur loss here). So if you are looking to pampering your pooch or to help ease/cure his skin condition, this is one effective spa that I would recommend (and no, I was not paid to write this...).

Right… on to the grooming which can be categorized into two: 
  1. Full grooming (shampoo, blow drying, ear cleaning, fur/nail trimming… basically the whole works) 
  2. Shampooing (a condensed version of the full grooming consisting of just shampooing and drying off). 

Both types my doggy has tried and I think he likes the full grooming more, because given his size it takes at least an hour or two, almost equivalent with the timing for his spa. As for shampooing, it takes about under an hour or so for him to be done, and when he comes out of the room, he has a look like he has been shortchanged (lol)! Can’t blame him though, from enjoying (pretty) long and pampering/relaxing spa sessions to suddenly being groomed (minus the ‘pampering’) can be a little ‘shocking’ initially.

His fur was nicely trimmed and combed, and he was dried properly. So much so that Ddy had no comments when he was looking for an opportunity to say that he cleans the puppy cleaner; he conceded defeat (finally!).

After his first (full) grooming session he looks like a happy puppy, doesn’t he? ^^

I think for full grooming the fur can be highlighted with some pretty funky colors. Haven’t asked whether it costs extra, but I saw one which came out of the grooming room with purple highlights! It was… interesting... and a little tempting too. Who knows I might get him some highlights sometime in the future (haha).

Going to Petopia so far has been a pleasant experience: 
  • It is an environment where furbies and their humans can feel at ease, the open concept where you can see what goes on/is being done on your furbie is reassuring. 
  • There are grooming/spa packages which you can take up to lessen the impact on the wallet (a little). 
  • Optional transport is provided (at an additional charge, but well worth it if you don't drive!). 
  • There are some pretty cool promotions from spa to grooming and contests to win movie tickets! The staff are friendly and know their work/products (ell enough) and furbies are treated as if their own. 
  • The grooming and spa area are clean and well-maintained. 
  • The mascot doggies are simply adorable! They are always there to keep me company while I am waiting for him to finish with his session. They can be a little (too) noisy at times (when they get excited or agitated), but they are a bunch of friendly furbies who sometimes behave better than my own doggy. So it is baffling when some people have unrealistic expectations/stereotypes of these adorable pooches. It's like expecting the child of a president/principle/teacher to be a perfect angel/robot and nothing less. But hey, we nor our pooches are not that ‘perfect’ either now are we? :p

Featuring some of thee cute mascots!
Disco the show dog with a 'cool' attitude
Sweet lil old Ginger (may she RIP)
Silent black beauty Freya
Adorably goofy and lazy... Oscar!
Always hungry Sunny and...
The latest additions! (Didn't manage to take the parent's photos)

After having said all that, I guess the only thing left for my doggy try out is the daycare and/or hotel (but highly unlikely that he’ll be needing those services anytime soon). So at least now I can say that yes, though a little pricy I recommend the spa and grooming sessions (in moderation). You get what you pay for (most of the time anyways), so just make sure you know what you are paying for and don’t complain (something most Singaporeans are getting a little to adapt at these days lol). And what can I say? If the puppy is happy than so am I. \(^u^)/


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