Movie Night at Hangeul Korean Language School

A couple of weeks back (well, two weeks ago), Hangeul Korean Language School held its very first Korean Movie Night. The movie Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Hangul: 7번방의 선물; a.k.a "A Gift from Room 7") was a gem, you read my review for it here (if you are interested... please say you are!).

Anyways, this post will solely be about the experience and (well mostly about) the yummilicious snacks that were there that day!

Speaking about the snacks... there were quite a far bit ranging from drinks to sweet treats and crunchy savory munchies - none of which I have encountered before. Coupled with the movie, it was an enriching experience!

There were quite an assortment of drinks that night. Since there was 3 of us, we tried the pear, grape and rice (I think) drinks. I had the rice one, which was nice (not too sweet) and even had bits of rice (grain) at the bottom!
Somewhat similar to ChocoPie but has a firmer texture.
White chocolate encased in crisp flaky white waffle sticks! Very nice and not too sweet (one of my favorites).
This... was a pleasant surprise. A nice savory snack to munch!
When you open the packet, you are greeted with little round pieces.
These tiny savory munchies are reminiscent and somewhat similar to the Mamee Monster fried noodle snack (in a Korean way)!

Overall, it was an enjoyable night with a good movie, yummy snacks and a good introduction about Hangeul Korean Language School. ^^ If you are curious and want to know more about Hangeul Korean Language School, click here. Want to attend their movie nights? Just Like Hangeul Korean Language School's Page to get the latest updates and happenings!

Interested in learning Korean? Hangeul Korean Language School is having a promotion now for their Pre-Elementary Korean Language Course at $188 instead of 280++ for 9 Lesson!

Hangeul Korean Language School

Address: 51 Middle Road Singapore 188959
Tel: 6336 2717  / 8254 1037

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