Fatboys the Burger Bar (Katong)

Fat Boys Burger Bar (Katong Bar)

Snuggled in a tiny corner of Joo Chiat Road opposite the Katong 112 shopping mall is Fatboys the Burger Bar, which serves up burgers with a twist: its a burger joint, its a bar, its... a burger place where you can customize your own burger from a list of buns, patties, cheeses, add-ons and sauces all in the comfort of a 'happening' environment. Besides burgers, Fatboys the Burger Bar also has other comfort foods such as onion rings, milk shakes etc... All in the comfort of a cosy pub/diner environment.

Fatboys the Burger Bar (Katong Bar)
The interior
Fat Boys Burger Bar (Katong Bar)

It was meant to be a simple get together and Fatboys the Burger Bar was suggested by J. I almost mistook the location of the place to be in the Katong 112 shopping mall, but I managed to find the place. Being located along Joo Chiat Road, unless you have a direct bus, take a taxi or drive, Fatboys the Burger Bar isn't exactly the most accessible eating place, but it is certainly much better than The Garden Slug.

The menu!

Not really know what to order, we ordered the Specialty Burgers:
Royale with Cheese
Royale with Cheese @ S$12: The classic Cheeseburger with hand crafted beef patty, aged cheddar cheese and smothered with BBQ sauce and onion marmalade on a sesame bun
R ordered this and don't belittle the size of the burger or what looks like a dismal amount of fries, because coupled with the onion rings and a milkshake it was very filling! This would be one of the burgers that I will want to try the next time I am there. In fact, it was almost what I was going to order, until I saw...

Swiss Shroom
Swiss Shroom @ S$13: Beef chuck patty, sauteed Shitake mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese with garlic aioli on a wholemeal bun
... the Swiss Shroom burger on the menu! It was all mushroomy goodness and the beef patty was moist and juicy. And what can I say, the wholemeal bun sandwiching the beef patty laddled with cheesy mushroom goodness was a 'healthier' choice.

I seriously cannot remember what was this burger lol
J ordered this burger and the only thing I can remember about this burger was that it had the most leaves vegetables amongst the 3 burgers. So it should have been a very 'green' healthy choice with rocket leaves and some beet root. And seeing how there was nothing left at the end, it must have been a good burger.

Beer Battered Onion Rings
Beer Battered Onion Rings @ S$7.50
Unlike the usual onion rings, these were beer battered, not too oily and tasted very good! There was none of that beer aftertaste, if they did not mention that there was beer in the making of this I wouldn't even have known. The onion rings were large and the portion was generous. Definitely one of the must-tries if you are ever at Fatboys the Burger Bar.

Service was acceptable, Singapore-style that is. It did take some effort to get them to notice us for an additional order, but other than that orders were taken down promptly. Food was served in a relative fast time and payment was a breeze. Price and taste wise, Fatboys the Burger Bar nicely covers the segment that upmarket artisan burgers and fast food miss. The prices aren't (as) cheap as fast food but definitely more affordable than the arty burgers, and mostly certainly very filling (and tasty too)! We almost could hardly finish the Beer Battered Onions Rings and burgers, along with the milkshakes and my root beer float!

Root Beer Float: haven't had this in ages and it tasted so good!

Interesting fact: For the alcoholics beer and soccer fans, Fatboys the Burger Bar usually screens the 'live' matches along with promotions for those drinks to accompany you during the match.

FatBoy's The Burger Bar
465 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427677

Tel: 6346 6081 | Facebook

Open Hours: Daily 12.00 – 24.00
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