Hangeul Korean Language School

With the popularity of the K-Wave, there is a new language school in town - Hangeul Korean Language School! Easily locatable within the Academies Australasia College, it is a short 5-10 minute walk from Bugis Junction (Bugis MRT Station). Hangeul Korean Language School is MOE registered and offers customized courses to meet your individual needs. Classes are conducted by professionally experienced Korean teachers who are friendly and enthusiastic to orientate you into the world of Korean language as well as culture.

Hangeul Korean Language School
Courses can be categorized into 3 types:
  1. K-Learn:
    This course is designed to teach you from the basics of the Korean language all the way to advance; classroom style. All lessons/sessions are 1.5 hours each.

    • Pre-elementary (9 Sessions) - an introduction for those with no prior knowledge of the Korean language.
    • Elementary (12 Sessions) - to develop basic communication skills for those with some knowledge of the language.
    • Intermediate (11 Sessions) - focuses on difficulties in grammatical accuracy and expression.
    • Advanced (11 Sessions) - for students with good knowledge of the Korean language and designed to equip you appropirate use of volcabolary and grammar

    There are classes for once and twice a week for all days except Sundays, so you can choose a timing that suits you the best. For more information about the price and timings, do check out the website.
  2. K-Drama:
    This course is great for those who love Korean dramas and wish to improve comprehension and communication skills; all while enjoying your favorite Korean drama! It promotes discussion on the drama's significant scenes and may include common phrases, cultural practices or popular slangs actually used by Koreans.

    Classes are held on Saturdays and are currently for "Secret Garden" (10.30am-12pm) and the "The Heirs" (3-4.30pm). *Language prerequisite: Intermediate 3 or higer
  3. K-Speak:
    Want to immerse yourself more into the Korean language? Than this course would be for you. It is designed for those who wish to be able to converse in Korean and have the opportunity to learn and practice pronunciation. Divided between 2 books across 47 units, you will discover a whole new world of Korean pronunciation!

In addition to the variety of courses available, there are also exclusive promotions for students at Hangeul Korean Language School.

Launch Promotion!!
Currently, Hangeul Korean Language School is offering a discount of 10% for new students who sign up! And once you register with Hangeul Korean Language School you can expect to get further discounts for future courses:
  • Register as an “Early Bird” before the end of the current session and get 5% off your next course fee
  • Register for 2 consecutive levels or more and get 7% off your total course fees

This special 10%  Launch Promotion only lasts till 31 January 2014. That's like only 3 weeks more! So what are you waiting for?! If you are interested in learning Korean and looking for a school that is easily accessible and has good teachers teaching in a conducive environment, sign up today!!

Recommended for people who: 
  • Find Bugis a convenient location (bus, mrt, taxi... super convenient!)
  • Want an innovative environment (and interesting lessons) to learn Korean
  • Eventually take TOPIK
  • Want teachers who are able to converse in English well and give better meaning to the lessons

Hangeul Korean Language School

Address: 51 Middle Road Singapore 188959
Tel: 6336 2717  / 8254 1037
Email: hangeul.office@gmail.com

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