First Purchase from Qoo10: Active Korean Textbooks!

Qoo10 is a joint venture company formed with eBay and formerly known as Gmarket. It is a website in the same category as Amazon, Ebay and Zalora; another avenue for shopping online. As there are already quite a few online websites, it never did occur to me to get something from Qoo10 before. That is until I found out that it offers a (slightly) cheaper price for the Korean textbook that I am using. So under the recommendation of a classmate, I decided to buy the textbook online and pay at least S$8 lesser for it. This would be the first time that I have bought from Qoo100 despite hearing of it before. 

The layout of the website is not as 'clean' as the others and can be a little overwhelming for a first timer with all the pretty ads and blinking offers, but one thing stands out from this website and that would be the discounts on the vast amount of products from women's, men's, books, electronics all the way to household appliances and even beauty products! 

First Purchase from
Given its deign and layout it would help if you already have in mind what you want or just want to browse though to see what's on sale.

Due to over zealousness of starting a new level at language school, I had actually purchased the wrong textbook. I was supposed to purchase Active Korean 3, but somehow ended up thinking it was Active Korean 4 (guess it's a sign that I should study Korean all the way lol). When I realized the mistake, I placed an order for Active Korean 3.

So Active Korean 4 was ordered online on a Friday, while Active Korean 3 was ordered on a Sunday. Both purchases were paid via PayPal (you can also pay via credit card etc...). The process was painless and straightforward, the only catch is that if you pay via PayPal and the order is less then S$30, there would be an additional fee of S$0.50. 

The books were sent out on the following Tuesday and arrived together in (separate) packages by Friday via courier. So in total it took about 1 week (7-8 days) for the purchase to be processed and the books to arrive, but really just 3-4 days for the books to be delivered from the day it was sent out. Korean post really efficient indeed (the textbooks were apparently sent from Seoul).

First Purchase from
Book was delivered in brand new condition and well packaged.

Seeing as the company was founded by a Korean, there a many Korean products on sale (more so than the other online shopping websites) and I did spot a few other interesting items that I am adding to my wishlist!

Verdict? The way Qoo10 works is similar to Amazon and Ebay, with ratings and reviews given to the sellers to boost (or otherwise) the reputation of the seller and the product being sold. So far, for my first purchase, it has been a pleasant experience with better than expected results (cheaper price for brand new textbooks that were not only well packaged, but also delivered faster than expected). Hence, I would definitely get a few more books and other stuff from Qoo10 given the variety and seemingly 'nice' prices.

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