New Year Eve Dinner at 10 @ Claymore.... 2014 Here We Come!

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As last year's New Year Eve dinner was a success, this year the same group of friends decided to meet up to celebrate ushering the New Year buffet style yet again. After much deliberation we decided on 10 @ Claymore, located in Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel's lobby, serving a variety of foods in à la carte buffet style where guests can enjoy unlimited servings of premium meats and other seasonal specialties. Unlike last year where we just went without a reservation, we decided to play safe and just make a reservation. Good thing that we did too, the restaurant was packed with hungry people all eager to eat and usher in the new year at the same time.

10 @ Claymore

With the reservation made, all that was left to do was to go when the day arrived. Getting to 10 @ Claymore took a bit of an effort when we alighted at the Orchard MRT Station. This time, DramaQueen joined us and she complained about the long walk to Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel (can't fault her though, those were some killer platform shoes she was wearing that day). But at least there were pretty 'leftover' Christmas decorations that lit the streets that night.

Orchard Christmas Lights 2013
Sparkly pretty lights lighting up the streets!
After some time walking (and looking at Google Maps; even some friendly police officers paroling the streets were kind enough to show us the way using... Google Maps - what would we do without technology I wonder?), we finally found our way. DramaQueen was traumatized when she realized that there was no lift and the only way to get to 10 @ Claymore was to walk up a flight of stairs to get to 10 @ Claymore (oh the horror! lol).

When we entered 10 @ Claymore, we were promptly led to our table where a famished R was already waiting for us (sorry R!). Unlike last year's buffet at The Rise 10 @ Claymore did not have free flow alcohol but tea instead (it was good Gryphon quality tea!). The table was already set for the New Year celebrations with balloons and party hats adorning its surface. There were some people already blowing the whistles and wearing the hats to get into the mood, but the 4 of us just focused on the food!

10 @ Claymore

Speaking about the food, the one section that stood out was the dessert, mussels/oysters and Japanese stations. At the dessert station, besides a sweet chocolate fondant, lovely cakes and unique ice-cream (lemongrass was nice!), what stood out was the crepe section. There was a pan where a chef would make the crepe for you on the spot. Since we were seated in good view of the crepe corner (well, the whole dessert station actually), throughout dinner I was fixated with the crepe corner (lol). The chef who whipped up the lovely crepe was friendly and made the experience memorable.

Chocolate Fondant
Pretty Chocolate Fondant with equally sweet accompaniments.
Desserts and Fruits
If chocolate fondant is not enough, fruits, cakes and dessert galore! The Creme Brulee was chilled and had a tinge of refreshing citrus to it, and the cakes were good too. Of course, there are also freshly cut fruits for something more healthy.
My favorite! The Crepe Station where it is done for you on the spot!

In fact, I think he was the same one who sliced up quite a bit of salmon sashimi and served it at the table (very good service!). Even R was impressed, when he made an order for the number of oysters he wanted at the station (where they would prepare it for you) he was told it would be served to him and it was! Given the numerous amount of people making orders, it is amazing that they could find us when no table number or anything of the sort was taken down.

Cuts of meat beside the seafood and sushi/sashimi stations!
Sushi, Salmon sashimi and oyster!
There was tuna, salmon, prawns, crab legs, Canadian and Australian oysters, The one manning the sashimi station was generous with the salmon. The raw seafood was fresh and yummilicious!
breads, cheese, salads and cold cuts
Breads, cheese, salads and cold cuts. There was a wide variety of cheese and amongst them interesting flavors like Port Stout and Cranberry which had a nice sweet and fruity taste to them. ^^
Besides the usual buffet with stations for cheese, bread, salads, cold cuts and meat, what stands out about 10 @ Claymore is the à la carte buffet orders of (for that night) which are served plate by plate when you order (in clockwise order):
10 @ Claymore à la carte buffet
Boston Lobster, Wagyu Beef, Char Keow Teow, Pork, Salmon and Lamb Rack
  • Boston Lobster - this would be the best dishes out of the lot (well, despite the lack of meat). The lobster was well marinated and cheese that adorned it was not too cheesy, complimenting well with the (little?) fresh lobster meat (with a nice tinge of truffle).
  • Wagyu Beef - this was one of the good dishes. The beef was moist and tender (wagyu style - you have to try it to know it!). With no strong 'smell' of beef it was a pleasure to eat.
  • Char Keow Teow - seeing as how we could get char keow teow at any hawker center, having it at a buffet (at this price) seemed a little overpriced but we gave it a try anyways (one plate); being tempted by the description of Indonesian Tiger Prawn. But we were 'disappointed' as the Tiger Prawns looked like 'baby cubs' instead. Still the noodles were not greasy and palatable, although (I still think) the hawker center ones would taste better and are more value for money.
  • Lamb Rack - this was also one of the better dishes. The lamb was juicy and tender, minus the strong smell of lamb.
  • Pork - this was just pork cutlet really, it was good but not fantastic.
  • Salmon - this dish was a disappointment. The salmon was overcooked, which resulted in a piece of hard and dry salmon drizzled with sauce. It would have been better if the salmon was not overcooked, as the sauce really enhanced the flavor of the salmon.
  • Prawn Noodles - this would be the only dish that we did not order.

10 @ Claymore
The à la carte menu

The meats served at the stations were nice but not all meats were as palatable as they looked. DramaQueen remarked that the chicken drumsticks were hard and dry. Still there were foods that were nice, like the duck confit which was tender (enough - it could have been even more tender though) served with orange sauce.

Food at the buffet
Drunken prawns, fish, duck confit, chili crab, beef, salmon, chicken drumsticks, macaroni, vegetables, potato wedges and softshell  crab.
More Food

Overall, service was good: plates were instantly cleared, ordering à la carte was a breeze with food being promptly served, and food was relatively good for certain sections (loved the desserts!). For 4 persons it cost S$115++ per person ($98++ per person not inclusive of taxes); can't complain about the price (festive seasons are expensive after all).

10 @ Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard 10 Claymore Road
Buffet Pricing:
  • Lunch: S$42* (Monday to Saturday)
  • Dinner: S$62* (Monday to Thursday)
  • Dinner: S$68* (Friday to Sunday)
  • Brunch: S$72* (Sunday only)
* Prices listed are subject to prevailing service charge and government taxes.

Tel: (+65) 6737 0811
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