Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板) - Taipei

 Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板)

If you are looking for something unique décor wise, you can Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板) for its quirky decorations and ambience. Five Dime Restaurant is the brainchild of a local (Taiwanese) sculptor, Hsieh Li-hsiang, who personally designed the restaurant and adorned the restaurant with many of her works (sculptors). It seems that she personally oversaw the building of the restaurant despite not having any background in architecture, which might explain its quirky layout that takes time getting used to (or not). The restaurant is four stories high with many cave-like spaces throughout the place peppered with quirky décor. Apparently the name of the restaurant was inspired from a coin (5 dime) stuck in a piece of driftwood that the owner found while she was walking along the beach. 

Quirky interior

While that the décor at Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板) stands out and makes for an interesting experience, the food served although authentic Taiwanese cuisine, was nothing spectacular. Perhaps I have been spoilt too much with good food (in Indonesia and Singapore) and tasted better Taiwanese fare that I am not that impressed with the food, or perhaps it was not to my taste buds liking (which explains the lack of food photos). 

Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板)
more quirkiness
Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板)

Service might have been better if we had actually spoken or understood Mandarin. So as a result of our language deficiency, service was somewhat rough. It did help that the menu was in English, ordering was done by simply ticking off the items on a form and handing it over to a waiter/waitress. Service was a little slow; probably due to the largeness of the restaurant (it is four stories high after all). Payment is made at the reception on the ground floor rather than at the table (something to take note of). 

For me, although there might be some dishes worth having, the task of having to find them in a menu so vast and then dealing with slow service just isn’t worth it. Well, with that said if you want to dine in an interesting restaurant such as Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板) for its quirky décor and ambiance (but not for much its food), reservations are probably a good idea since there are group tours (which means many people) there for lunch or dinner. Approximate cost for one person including soft drinks and service charge averages about NT$1,000-2000++. 

Five Dime Restaurant (伍角船板)
Carp/Koi anyone?

Where is it? 

Address: No. 8, Lane 32, Neihu Road Section 1, Taipei , Taiwan 
Tel: 02-85011472 
Opening Hours: seven days a week 11.00-14.00 and 17.00-21.00. 

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