St Games @ Bugis+

St Games @ Bugis+

With arrangements made, JP and I headed to St Games at Bugis+ on a Sunday morning, thinking that we could happily use that complimentary voucher for a free hour (he received at the Cathay outlet) only to realize that we did not read the fine print which said that it was only valid for Mondays to Thursdays.

St Games @ Bugis+
Weekend Promotions
St Games @ Bugis+
The facade - open concept
Like the previous time, we selected the S$14 per person for 2 hours package which (only) came with a choice of Hello Panda biscuits. Like their counterparts at the Cathay, the staff at St Games Bugis+ were friendly, helpful and approachable, making that gaming experience all the more pleasant.

Anyways, as per the previous trip, we just had to play Fifa Manager 13 (since JP likes soccer so much, but my sense of direction was just as “good” scoring a couple of goals for the opponent) before we went on to playing Rock Band 3 with the guitar and drum to boot. We actually had to move to another room for Rock Band that was actually at the front of the shop and had large glass windows that allowed passersby to look in (which is not really that big a deal when you are having fun, and a good marketing strategy on part of St Games to entice passers-by). The drums were fun! And the best part is that the game can actually accommodate 3 people (two guitars and one forum set), so LuttiSparrow if you are reading this, this is one the list of things we will do when you are in Signapore! ^^

St Games @ Bugis+
Glass panels that allow the passerby a little peak while you play

St. Games @ Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

Operating Hours:
11am to 9pm (SUN to THU, PH)
11am to 12am (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Tel: (+65) 6634 1617
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